Believe vs Trust

Believe vs Trust

The one group of people whom WE THE PEOPLE need to believe is government at all levels.

That’s not the same as trust. Trust is unreliable and leaves too much room for error.

When you hear someone say that you can trust that they’ll do right by you, you need to immediately ask what that means. The details of the plan and the promised result, not the estimated or projected or in a perfect world scenario.

When you hear ‘we are required by law’ or ‘we’d lose our jobs if we didn’t’ and ‘even if they told us to we wouldn’t just because it’s not right’, know that you are being manipulated for somebody else’s benefit.

You have a right to know the plans that are being implemented that control your lives before those plans are put in place.

Government is not your friend nor parent nor associate nor partner. Government isn’t designed with friendship in mind. Nor does it operate on a partnership basis with the populace.

People coming to the USA and some who already live here want to make friends with law enforcement, so law enforcement will turn a blind eye to their illegal activities.

Sometimes they will, hoping that if they don’t scold or punish the person or people, that they will self-correct on their own. But they don’t, so comes the day when law enforcement becomes fed up with no positive movement on the part of the ones committing the crimes and there’s a raid.

What happened to our friendship the offenders muse? Friends don’t snitch on friends. So law enforcement becomes associated with snitches and bad vibes result. You see they thought all along that they had a ‘hands off contract’, when they clearly didn’t. They had a ‘we’ll give you some time to grow up and beyond all this street nonsense contract’, but the street would have nothing to do with it.

When do we stop blaming the street and start holding individuals responsible for their own behaviors? It’s frightening to realize that so many black people act and react the way some other black person tells them without any forethought as to why or the consequences.

Are black people really that impaired, that they can’t or won’t think for themselves and make their own decisions? When something goes wrong, somebody else reportedly told them to do it.

“Why did you do it? Do what they told you to do?”

“I don’t know.”

The ‘I don’t know’ part needs to be examined more thoroughly, because in the black community it’s as out of control as a contagion.

Self-correcting behavior is done by independent people. Follow the instructions of the leader is done by dependent people, who can’t think for themselves.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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