I Thought She Was Native

I Thought She Was Native…

Here we go again with the heritage confusion, like with Obama. Introducing herself as the first black but not the first Indian or Asian demonstrates right out of the box her manipulative nature. There are more Blacks who vote than Indians. She could have mentioned them both. Obama never could say he was part or half white. All he could say was he had a white mother. I guess he must have thought most Blacks wouldn’t vote for him if he said those dirty words, “I’m half white”.

Kamala Harris is a rich pity-seeking race-baiting person who blames everybody else for her privilege.

I haven’t seen any effort on her part to give it all up.

And why should she?

Exactly. And why should anybody else either?

It seems poor white people are not on her agenda. Only rich Whites. And what will she take from them to give to the poor?

And why should she have the right to take anything from anyone, unless she supports grand larceny? And who will she enlist, who will end up in a jail cell for that agenda?

Historically poor people steal from other poor people. Is that what she is going to perpetrate, poor Africans and Spanish peoples stealing from poor White peoples?

It looks like that from the actual conditions on the real not imagined ground right now. It is already in progress. Blacks walk right into stores and openly steal and walk out. Maybe I should try that sometime and see where it lands me. They’re also allowed to steal cars, because white people have insurance, that is required by law by the way. They do it in broad daylight. Me obeying the law by having insurance is their ticket for a free car with everything in it.

I did learn something here. I didn’t know that people from India considered themselves brown people. I thought it was only the North and South American Spanish speaking people who were brown. I also didn’t know that they had tribes in India. Some articles speak to that. So some writers think she’s Native American Indian. Many probably think she’s Spanish, because she said she was brown. How many Americans actually know a person from India? And would know they were brown?

Now I’m not sure what she is, and this is where the game begins ala Obama. First he’s from Kansas, then Hawaii, then Kenya, then Indonesia. When someone asks where you are from, they mean where were you born, not all the places you lived. His campaign started out as a lie of confusion to attract the greatest number of voters.

Kamala Harris knew that most Americans think of Natives as Indian. Whenever I refer out loud to India’s people I always say Indians from India, otherwise people will think I’m talking about Native Indians in America. Maybe Harris doesn’t think American like everybody else does. Maybe she focused more on being black and brown. I don’t know, but the confusion isn’t a good sign. Just be honest without trying to manipulate how people will think or feel.

Congress Of American Indians, ever hear of it? http://www.ncai.org/


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