Prisons Need Overhauling Worldwide

Prisons Need Overhauling Worldwide

It looks like there is a police problem all over the globe that has nothing to do with race and everything to do with economic status.

Yes. Poor People Matter. Black Lives Terrorists don’t think poor people matter. It’s all about race to them.

Police brutality is usually, not always, in response to an actual or potential threat of bodily harm or a threat that will escalate into a chaotic situation, or in response to someone who resists containment.

Prisons around the globe are much worse than in the USA. I wonder if in Africa there is a disproportionate number of white Africans committing crimes, getting caught, tried, judged and sentenced than elsewhere in the world?

I wonder if poor minorities commit more crimes than poor non-minorities? Do they get caught more often? 

I say, eliminate the fine. If an offense requires jail time, then rich or poor need to do it. No one should be able to buy their way out of it.

Of course rich people aren’t likely to get into the petty crimes or grand theft or assault categories. Still it happens, so community service should be the sentence in non-violent crimes.

In violent crimes, separate offenders from the populace and other offenders in programs meant to re-educate the offender, rather than seek revenge through punishment.

It’s not the anger they need to manage, it’s their actions that need management. Anger is normal; it’s what we do with it that makes the difference. It’s about what we’ve become accustomed to getting away with.

Chances are the real reason men have bigger tempers and more frequent flash anger episodes than women is that mothers allowed it and fathers encouraged it. Stop blaming testosterone. Who does that help except the offenders?

If I’m not mistaken, black Africans are big on revenge. That’s what justice is to them. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE means they want revenge. So either they get on the rehabilitation side and drop the revenge punishment or keep suffering with it.

Why aren’t Black Lives visiting prisons in all the African countries as examples of humane treatment of prisoners? Because they don’t treat prisoners humanely in Africa. Jungle or street justice is as bad or worse.

If indeed they care about prison conditions and think that blacks can better take care of blacks, why not go back to where it all started? Maybe start over from a different perspective.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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