Slaughter Industry Trolls


THEY HIRE SOME OF THE MOST EVIL – dare I say people – in the people-hurting and business-destroying industry.

You know when they start desecrating The Animal-Free Chef’s recipes peppered all over Instagram, that the SLAUGHTER INDUSTRY FEARS THE ANIMAL-FREE CHEF.

One example:

wallgems commented: Olives again? You know they don’t belong in this type of sauce, even a vegan version. Try again3h

wallgems commented: Did you forget to reconstitute the berries. It looks inedible. Try again3h

wallgems commented: This dish just looks gross. Please consider a different career path, cooking is NOT for you.3h

wallgems commented: Subpar cabbage. This would be woody and bitter. Your sauslce appears to contain too much oil and will separate. Try again.3h

wallgems commented: There is too much liquid in this dish. Your oats will be swampy and lackluster. Are you a chef? Consider reeducation3h

wallgems commented: Your sauce is broken and has coagulated poorly3h

wallgems commented: This looks dry and unpalatable3h

wallgems commented: Who would eat this with all that grease floating on top?3h

wallgems commented: Stop it. It looks like🤢🤮4h

wallgems commented: All that processed food to make a simple sauce. Grossssss.4h

wallgems commented: Wtf is bullshit? Seriously? Apricots, olives and legumes? Nasty looking shit.4h

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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