Spanish Insanity


If you wonder why all the screaming Spanish speakers at the USA Southern border aren’t loyal to America, they weren’t loyal to the country they left.

Rather than work and fight to make their country of origin a better place, they come to the USA, already hating its leaders and its people, seeking to change it into the likeness of the country they left behind.

In other words they want to assimilate their entire country of origin into the USA. Cartels and all. They feel/think they are entitled due to some long past disagreements and agreements that nobody living today had any say in. I for one feel/think it’s insane.

Prove me wrong. Come with an open mind and open heart. Declare yourselves independent of the country you left except for family ties.

The family ties issue is a big one. The USA can’t financially support all the people in Mexico, Central and South America through a guest worker program for a few, while the many others benefitting from it hang back and don’t contribute to our economy.

You’ll all end up back in your countries of origin when the USA goes bankrupt under the pressure of too much financial output and not enough input. Coming to America to slaughter animals because Americans don’t have the stomach for it is an abomination that begs to be eradicated.

Your jobs go with it. Better think of a more economically feasible way to contribute.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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