According To Black Lives Terrorists


‘We planned to put that van there and set it on fire, so it was not violence’.

So Blacks, or at least one black woman representing Black Lives Terrorists responding to the riots, think that as long as violence is planned it is not violence.

Thus, only when violence is not planned does it qualify as violence.

So, the planning of a murder is not violent. Only when the murder is not planned is it to black people violent.

Serial killers just got a huge green light from Black Lives Terrorists. They are methodical planners. And they move quickly to gain total control over their target.

Wars are planned, thus according to Black Lives Terrorists, non-violent.

‘We were sending a message’. Yes, and it was a violent message about burning cars, buildings, assaulting the enemy who are all white people, if black people don’t get their demands met.

  • The list of demands keeps growing by the way.

They know in advance they can never be met, unless you take the guns away from police and give them only to black people, or if you allow black people to commit their so-called non-violent crimes, non-violent if nobody gets killed that is. Beaten up doesn’t count as violent either.

You see the minute a so-called protestor cites getting someone’s attention by committing violent acts using bats, bricks, fists or fire, to scare someone into submission, it lands in terrorism territory.

I speak for myself, not for all European Americans, but the use of bats, bricks, fists or fire or even bull horns used at close range as assault weapons to disable the target are all acts of violence.

  • Maybe cops should carry bullhorns and assault the ear drums of those they attempt to arrest, when they resist arrest. See how the terrorists like that method of containment.

That black people apparently don’t agree with what constitutes violence should alarm all people.

I suppose if nobody dies during a rape, then rape isn’t violent either.

You could cut somebody’s legs off and if they lived, nobody died, so it wasn’t violent, according to black people – according to African black people.

What European Americans call violence, African Americans do not.

The mistake in logic is clear, at least to me. Nobody knows the intent when a vehicle is set on fire, windows are smashed with bats and bricks and mobs set loose inside a store where clerks get severely beaten by pile-ons. How could anyone, no matter the color, race, ethnicity, religion, call that not violent, just because nobody died?

That the USA news media adopted Black Lives Terrorists position on what is and isn’t violent is further cause for alarm.

If five black guys wielding baseball bats rush me, you better believe I will feel terrorized, and appropriately so.

Given this black woman’s logic: if five white guys wielding bats, rush one black guy, then the black guy will not feel threatened, terrorized or in danger of physical harm – they would not be afraid. I find that hard to believe with the shoe on the other foot.

To act violent, while claiming after the fact, a non-violent agenda is what terrorists do.

They terrorize using fear tactics. When that doesn’t work, they graduate to destruction.

Baseball bats, bricks, flame throwers, fists, bullhorns, molotov cocktails are all weapons meant to cause harm to people and property and need to be banned from all demonstrations.

To Black Lives Terrorists peaceful demonstrations means destruction.

There is a world of difference between what black people consider a violent act and white people consider a violent act.

If Blacks supposedly have no fear of what they call non-violent acts of aggression using fists, fire, bats, bricks and bullhorns, then what are they protesting? Violence by police officers?

  • Maybe the police officer should set the person’s car on fire, when they stop someone for a traffic violation and they pretend to have a gun, or use a bat and smash their windows, then beat them to within an inch of their life, as long as they’re not killed. According to black people that’s okay.
  • What they don’t consider is the risk assessment of the officer. Nobody actually thinks that the officer has a natural inclination to trust the black person they pull over do they? KILL THE PIGS?
  • Black people force officers to act military-style, kill or be killed. It is the behavior of black people that causes the chaos that leads to street wars. If Blacks think police shouldn’t pull law-breakers over, then there’s a real problem with the way black people act in uncivilized ways that offends everybody not African.
  • European Americans generally seek civilization rather than the barbaric alternative. It appears that Blacks choose the uncivilized route then want freedom to express their violent tendencies, instead of working out solutions that work for everybody, not just the special needs of African Americans. The way you conduct your so-called peaceful protests proves it.
  • Being in a special needs class means by definition that you’re less than other groups. Why so needy with all your possessions?

Black Lives Matter Terrorist Groups need to start paying for damages they cause through intentional incitement to harm people, as well as to destroy property that is not theirs, which equals property theft. If you destroy my building, then you claim by your actions to own it. Freeze their assets until they pay for damages and total restoration costs.

It’s becoming clear that the goal of the Black Lives Terrorists is to financially bankrupt the USA, but for what reason? You want more CC Virus money than anybody else, so you followed the money to the streets with dollar signs in your eyes and the world suddenly became free for only you. Anything you want you just take it, using terror tactics that subdue an already subdued population from the pandemic.

You exploited a pandemic using violence to steal the property and lives and products of other people that did not belong to you.

If you seek to be criminals, then that’s how the world treats you, exactly as you want.

GET RICH QUICK. BURNING CITIES IS NOT VIOLENT. That’s the message of Black Lives to Black Lives.

What I see are black people not being able to delay gratification. Like children they want what they want now. If they see it, they just take it.

What I see is an entire race of people exploiting a pandemic for personal gain.

What I see is a lack of self-discipline.

What I see are dangerous people.

What I see are behind the scene leaders preying on their own people’s weaknesses, wanting to put them in a special needs category, so they’ll always have them as their personal warriors.

That special needs designation doesn’t go away once you’re in it.

Oops. Too late.

I often wondered why the blacks in America wanted to do to their own people what the Jews do to the Palestinians. “It worked for the Jews, it’ll work for us”. Yeah, but you do it to your own – put them in a special needs class. The Jews did it to the ones they wanted to keep as slaves to work the factories – another ethnicity and race altogether.

So all this brother and sister talk and WE THE BLACK PEOPLE ARE ONE talk is just that, talk.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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