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Jews expect the world to believe the West Bank has already been annexed, simply by repeating the lie often and long enough until the world accepts it as reality. End of story. Move on like it’s true, while the world is preoccupied by CC Virus and BLACK LIVES TERRORISM creating pressing issues to deal with in multiple locations under threat of annihilation from dead animals from China and live human animals from a terror organization calling themselves Antifa (anti-fascist).

Who benefitted? Who planned the twin global attacks – by both the dead and the living animals?

Why just a few weeks ago did Benjamin Netanyahu say they were going to proceed with plans to annex the West Bank regardless of world disapproval if it had already been done? It DOESN’T MATTER, it’s what they say now. The past will be raised if needed, but the Jews realize their stories didn’t provide proof of ownership.

And these particular breed of Jews possess a nuclear weapon on a submarine somewhere off the coast of somebody else’s country?

They’re engaging in a global propaganda program designed to desensitize the world to enslavement torture slaughter through occupations of other peoples and the countries and land in and upon which they reside.

Jews are not a race. Jew is not an ethnicity. You need a continent for one and a long standing country for another. Jews have neither. Whatever they have in life they stole from others.

Jews are Gypsies. They steal from others as their livelihoods and are brutal in defending their thieving enterprises. Gypsies are common to Spain and live outside the walls of civilized societies elsewhere in the world. And generally are not well liked or well received by the international community of peoples who actually work for a living. With Gypsies corruption is their livelihood and religion. And yes, they want to remain separate. If they mingle, they may lose their identity which makes them uniquely and perpetually relevant.

Jews were never thrown out of Palestine. Quite the contrary. The Jews upon arriving, threw out the Palestinians. No one knows where they originated, could have been Turkey or Spain or another planet.

What were the Romans doing in Northern Africa? Expanding their empire. Jews claim not to have originated in Northern Africa. If not in Africa what is their continent of origin? Europe, Asia, Australia, North or South America, Arctic or Antartica?

What is the country? Long standing enough to have produced multiple generations of offspring with characteristics that can be found in their DNA which characterizes peoples from different countries.

Jews generally possess the same DNA from their countries of origin, no matter the location. Thus the terms: Irish Jew, Russian Jew, German Jew, English Jew, Polish Jew and onto every country in the world.

They fall into the DNA profile of everybody else’s country, except for a small group on inbreeders whose physical characteristics can be found similar to other inbreeding communities in other ethnic groups.

You can’t be considered an ethnicity unless you have a country of origin. You cannot make a country of origin by importing like-minded individuals from multiple locations around the world.

The only DNA some Jews share is with other inbreeders in the form of birth defects.

Gypsies are not a country. Traditionally they moved around too much – usually by being ostracized, because of their brutalist thieving ways, and poor regard for health and hygiene that turned them into disease carrying factories.

Jews claim to have been kicked out of every country they lived in. They’re Gypsies. They move on purpose. They live outside of towns, because at night, they move into town to commit their crimes, then they go back to the outskirts, where they don’t get caught and where the law abiders fear to tread. They steal your money and lend it back to you at high interest rates. Ever wonder how all those poor Jews living outside of societies obtained all those jewels? They stole them; they didn’t earn them. Nobody likes that.

Jews want the world to accept their offensive ways and to reward their brutality with a borderless nation they want to call Israel that has the forever option of expansion.

Yeah like I said before, your home is in your heart. Your body is your temple. They know well and accept their wandering ways and they want the world to accept those ways as their reality too. It hasn’t ended in Palestine. Lebanon and Syria will fall quickly in their minds.

We can’t help ourselves but we don’t want to be changed so accept us as we are and we will do nothing for you.

It’s not that they are Jews. It’s what they do that offends the senses of the world.

How many Jews fought in WWI and WWII and the Korean War? How many Jews were exempted from the Vietnam Nam war? Why don’t Jews talk about the wars they fought on behalf of the countries where they resided?

How many Jews in Jail? In prison? You don’t hear about that.

Why aren’t Jews leading the activism in jails and prisons around the world for better, more humane conditions?

That reminds me about factories. In Europe. During the world wars. Needing people to work them and to house the people onsite. Hitler didn’t want Jews in his armies. They were too brutal. The horrid acts of torture dismemberment and glee would not be accepted by the world where wars were supposed to have rules of engagement. Jews couldn’t discipline themselves.

So Hitler rounded them up, knowing where they hid, and made them lodgers in his factories. They worked for room and board. Jews didn’t work in civilized societies in civilized occupations. They stole. Thus the sign over Austria’s factory in Auschwitz ‘work shall set you free’.

The bald heads were not done to humiliate. They were shaved to treat the lice infestations. They were sprayed to decontaminate them.

Today in disputed Palestinian Territories stands a factory built illegally by the Jews in memory of Adolf Hitler who promised them free land to coerce them to work in his factories (according to them). Now, Jews are stealing Palestinian land with no promises of anything to the ones whose land they steal.

It’s called GENERAL MILLS – the factory and the company. It’s owned by Israeli Jews and employs Palestinian workers – the SLAVES OF JEWS.

How did all those Jews die in factories? The Spanish flu, the plague, and a bunch of other diseases. They shot them in mass graves while Hitler played music for them, because they were contagious, just like Britain killed masses of cows with mad cow disease not long ago, so they wouldn’t infect other cows. They dug massive pits, dumped the cows in, then incinerated them alive.

Humans have a long history of human on human brutality as well as human on other animal brutality. Humans have a long history of slavery torture slaughter. Yet for some reason because the Jews want the world to think it only happens to them, so the rest of the world ignores when it happens to somebody else.

It’s all bad. But it’s more offensive when those to whom it was done, turn around and do it to someone else. Where is the learning there, when you supposedly know how it feels, but can’t resist the urge to inflict the same pain onto others who had nothing to do with the original offense? Like I said, it’s worse.

No lessons were learned.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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