Rape Is Slavery

The hypocrisy of a society that laughs about people getting raped in prison, makes jokes about it in movies and courtrooms, then passes laws that sentences rapists to life in prison at the discretion of a judge supports promotes facilitates rape.

When society starts to take rape seriously, it will no longer be an acceptable practice ‘under certain conditions’.

Blaming the victim for a person who can’t control their sexual urges is as immoral as the rape itself.

Rape is slavery.

Black Lives women and men need to tell black men they don’t want to be their slaves. Consenting to rape to protect the herd from outside scrutiny and scorn hurts all victims of rape.

By pretending it isn’t a rape you enslave yourself – and you don’t deserve that. There is not an either or situation here. Report the rape or keep quiet. Most victims don’t want to be responsible for long or lifetime prison sentences for their attackers.

Perhaps that’s why sentencing guidelines were made with such high ceilings. Juries aren’t likely to convict under those guides. And in a man’s world as it was, men protected men.

What’s important is that you not deny it happened to yourself. Telling friends ends up in a hurtful category, since girls and women have been conditioned to think everything a boy or man does to them is their own fault and the boy’s/man’s right to do.

Since the 1970s the Women’s Liberation Movement brought rape along with women’s rights to the forefront, whereby societies globally talked about rape and studied rape as a crime of aggression rather than a sexually motivated crime.

These efforts resulted in only one visible change.

Rape is no longer called rape in the media and research circles. It’s now called sexual assault. One could liken it to punching somebody in the face.

That’s where we are now, which demonstrates a lack of will on the part of nearly everyone, everywhere to find ways to severely limit these violent assaults against women and also men.

How societies treat females, half of the human race, directly determines every other action and reaction.

Picture every male in the world punching in the face every female in the world and that’s where the world lies right now – in that chaotic state of gender inequality and mutual disrespect.

No woman respects the male who physically or metaphorically disrespects them. So the feelings are mutual.

That’s where the world is.

Now what do we do with all this disrespect?



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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