Rehabilitation Not Rape

To Black Lives Terrorists: Tell your black brothers to stop raping white boys in jails, prisons and juvenile detention centers. They’re not your sex toys.

You’re the ones who say only black people go to prison, so that’s the focus here.

Why is it that black males become gay rapists in prison?

Evidently a person can be made into a gay person without an operation?

There are a multitude of gay men in prisons. Most of them are black African.

Tell law enforcement, judges and Hollywood to stop promoting male gay manipulation in jails/prisons.

Tell Cher Bono that rape isn’t funny and should never be used as a weapon or punishment or as a deterrent to others not to commit crimes.

It obviously doesn’t work.

When these gay rapists get out of jail/prison for crimes other than rape, do they return to not raping and to being non-gay?

Then sexual offending and homosexuality
can be altered? The proof is in the prison system?

• not gay, then gay, then not gay
• not rapist, then rapist, then not rapist

Either that or all those who supposedly became gay rapists in jail/prison had those tendencies before committing the crime that landed them in a place of discovery.

Out of necessity the social engineers claim? What necessity? Love?

So now the field of psychology is claiming rape in a confined space whereby the victim cannot escape, love?

That’s enslavement, torture and slaughter of another’s sexual orientation.

So all these sexual manipulators had their hands amputated?

They punch the victim’s teeth out. That’s not easy to do. And you don’t call this savagery? Instead in your textbook of psychological knowledge it’s an expression of love?

And these people get released back into the community after the State has allowed them to commit atrocities against white boy guinea pigs? Black boy guinea pigs too.

And white people caused all this by building prisons to keep bad people away from hurting good people, but it’s okay for bad people to hurt bad people?

No it isn’t.

If you can’t stop rape in prison, when cameras are everywhere and people are locked in cages, then you’re not trying to stop it.

Stop it now.

You send people to prison for raping somebody, then tell them it’s okay to rape as long as it’s gay rape and done to someone locked in a cage.

Fire all the prison architects and hire people who know how to design a complex for rehabilitation purposes focusing on respect of each individual’s boundaries.

Somewhere along the way those people in the system didn’t respect boundaries. Putting them in locked facilities to rape and/or be raped is not the way to demonstrate the respect they need to learn.

Work on that NOW.


End prison rape.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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