Why Not Eradicate The Virus At Its Source?

Someone in Ohio compared wearing a protective facial mask to wearing a seatbelt. At first people will resist, then eventually everyone will do it, because it saves lives. I don’t doubt the habit-forming theory, but I’m stunned that mask-wearing will become part of our everyday lives – as commonplace as buckling up. Why do theContinue reading “Why Not Eradicate The Virus At Its Source?”



Well sure it does, if the act of stealing, assaulting, killing and all other criminal activity are no longer considered crimes. The behavior still exists, but our view of it changes. Punishment becomes non-existent. Prisons disappear. Street justice mafia-style will reign. It’s barbaric, but so are prison systems as they exist today, no matter theContinue reading “CRIME GOES AWAY IF POLICE GO AWAY?”

Mexican American man charged with hate crime in fatal crash

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (AP) — A Mexican American man from Wisconsin is charged with homicide as a hate crime because prosecutors say he intentionally crashed his pickup truck into a motorcyclist and killed the man because he was white. Daniel Navarro, 27, of Fond du Lac, told investigators he had been harassed by co-workersContinue reading “Mexican American man charged with hate crime in fatal crash”