Blacks Need To Start With Themselves If They Want Change

What’s the use of being wealthy if you’re angry and/or depressed all the time?

Whether one or a billion, the number doesn’t matter, when Africans become wealthy they’re miserable unless every other African has the same wealth.

There’s some faulty, irrational thinking going on there. That they can’t figure that out on their own makes me wonder why and to whose benefit?

Instead, they flash their ‘burn the world to the ground’ tempers and demand that all white people make all black people rich, so they can feel better.

See a doctor for what ails you. All white people don’t have the answers to why you want others to make you feel right.

These current riots aren’t about cops. If so, evisceration trolls from the Black Lives Terrorist group wouldn’t be all over social media attacking all white people who refuse to hate all other white people for their privilege which translates to rich; it doesn’t translate to cops.

Most rich people aren’t on social media. They don’t engage. So it’s lower income whites they’re attacking. They don’t have any more power than lower income blacks. So what kind of cruel strategy for social change is that – to attack the ones in your own social-economic class?

What needs to be addressed is that kind of logic. Your shotgun approach will destroy any goodwill you once had. You don’t like it when white people treat black people all the same, so stop doing what you abhor in others.

Face it, blacks are screamers. They’re outwardly emotional, which often leads to triggering aggression in others. All the money and preferential treatment in the world will not stop their aggression. It’s in their homes, culture and probably DNA.

They don’t want calm; it doesn’t suit their nature.

It appears that the social engineers are simply ignoring the ‘city burners’ hoping they’ll stop on their own when they tire of it. That’s an old, worn out, lazy, don’t know how to handle this, so we’ll turn a blind eye to it mentality.

Blacks need to work out their own issues instead of expecting white people to do it for them.

More importantly, they need to learn how to control their own emotions. We can’t live in a country where people are afraid that when one black person is offended by something or someone, it’s going to ignite the entire race, destroying lives and property. There’s something terribly wrong with that response.

Blacks aren’t making the contributions required to live in peace. They need to start with themselves, instead of stealing hope and happiness from others.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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