Ohio’s largest ever anti-human trafficking operation results in 154 rescues, 179 arrests 

HWH Comment: Make no mistake, human trafficking is slavery. People are bought and sold. Only men were arrested, but in my limited view, women play a part. 
In Spanish communities, young girls have babies that are then used to keep adults without children in the country illegally. Sometimes I think the senior residence where I reside is a home for unwed mothers having babies.
One night returning late from an evening out, an SUV drives up, the woman driver gets out. She opens all the doors, opens the hatch in the back, stands by the driver’s side in the circular driveway – one arm on the hood, looking into the foyer, the other on the car door, looking all around outside.
Two men enter the inner door of the building as Steve and I enter. They entered behind us, since they didn’t have a pass key. The short one kept eye contact with me, I’m assuming so I wouldn’t look at what was happening. We all got on the elevator.
The short man was holding against his body, almost as tall as he was, what looked like a grown child who was ‘out of it’ – body looked sedated, limp, wearing a huge adult wig, body totally covered with a blanket, except one small leg hanging out that had a small dime store Christmas stocking on it that was falling off – no shoes. It wasn’t Christmas. I reached carefully to draw it back up on her leg so it didn’t fall off. She didn’t move; it didn’t even look like she was breathing.
The other man, tall, held what looked like an Easter basket, long. Inside was a thick roll of something, tightly wrapped in a gray fabric, nothing showing, his huge hand over the big lump, trying to cover it in it’s entirety. I saw the lump move ever so slightly and realized it was an infant squirming trying to breathe.
Both men were extremely anxious and didn’t take their eyes off of us. The infant was trying to wiggle free, yet was wrapped so tight and the hand so firm on the back that it couldn’t. 
Anybody can think what they want, but at that hour, the girl non-responsive, the infant trying to breathe, obviously being hidden, as well as the girl being disguised, it all looked bad.
Steve decided to contact the police department the next day just to make a note of it. Their response was that he had to go through the leasing office for that. 
I was shocked that as a tenant and a citizen, in order for me to call the police regarding any matter, that it had to be done through the apartment manager’s office. They weren’t there. Why would the police want a secondhand account from a leasing agent? Probably because the leasing agent wouldn’t call and they knew it. There are surveillance cameras that could have been looked at, but there was no interest, obviously. Go through the leasing agent? I never heard of such a thing.
What am I somebody’s slave, that I have to use a middle person to call the police?
About a year later, the police decided to take an interest in the building and made some publicized community visits, wanting to set up a community watch program. I of course did not attend. They evidently wanted floor captains for each floor. My guess is that the ones who volunteered had an agenda unrelated to safety.
Since then I was told by two people outside the building community that if I called the police on anybody in the building, they’d kill me. I still don’t know who ‘they’ are, since I keep to myself and don’t know many people by name.
One of the people who said that to me, I happened to see outside somebody’s apartment one day as I was going out. He doesn’t live in the building and he is no where near a senior. He is a known drug and sex addict in the area. Outgoing. Talked about being in love with an underage girl.

Congratulations to the people involved in the rescue. Keep at it. Make sure this program doesn’t get de-funded.

SHAME ON BLACK LIVES MATTER for focusing on past slavery, rather than present slavery. ALL COLORS MATTER.
What is Black Lives Terrorists doing about SEX and LABOR TRAFFICKING? Burning cities? Now what good is that doing, except distracting law enforcement? So, Black Lives Terrorists and Antifa support human sex and labor trafficking?
In Texas alone,
“According to the Texas Attorney General’s Office, there are about 79,000 victims of youth and minor sex trafficking in Texas at any given time, and 234,000 victims of labor trafficking. It’s modern slavery, and it’s not something we can turn a blind eye to or ever for a moment accept.


COLUMBUS, Ohio—Federal, state, and local officials launched what they say is the largest anti-human-trafficking operation in state history last week, rescuing 154 victims and arresting 179 men for illegally soliciting sex and other crimes.

During Operation Autumn Hope, which involved more than 50 law enforcement agencies and social-service organizations, state and local authorities cracked down on adult sex trafficking in Cuyahoga, Franklin, and Lucas counties, as well as people soliciting sex with children in Franklin and Mahoning counties. The U.S. Marshals Service, meanwhile, focused on saving child sex victims in Southern Ohio.

During the operation, 109 human-trafficking survivors – all women and mostly adults – were found and referred to social services in Cuyahoga, Franklin, and Lucas counties, according to a release from Attorney General Dave Yost’s office.

Simultaneously, 76 cases of missing and exploited children were cleared up, and 45 children were physically rescued, the release stated. One of the missing children was a 15-year-old Cleveland girl linked to an individual in Columbus suspected of human trafficking, the release stated.

Authorities arrested a total of 157 men in Cuyahoga, Franklin and Lucas counties on charges of soliciting and other crimes, according to Yost’s office. An additional 22 men in Franklin and Mahoning counties have been charged with felony crimes related to attempting to have sex with a minor.

The operation had been planned for several months prior to it being put into action, according to Yost spokesman Steve Irwin.

“The success of Operation Autumn Hope is measured not only in the number of arrests but in the lives that were rescued from this evil,” Yost said. “Every agency on this team looks for the day when no person is bought and sold in Ohio. Don’t buy sex in Ohio!”

Sondra Miller, president and CEO of the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, said during an online news conference that the operation has given hope to sex trafficking survivors.

“It is very likely that you prevented many others from being harmed in unimaginable ways,” Miller said. “Human trafficking thrives in the shadows of our communities where survivors feel unseen and unheard, and the COVID pandemic has made those shadows bigger and darker, making far too many women, children, and men fall prey.”

Besides the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, other Northeast Ohio law-enforcement and social-service agencies that participated in Operation Autumn Hope include the:

  • Cuyahoga County Regional Human Trafficking Task Force
  • Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department
  • Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office
  • Independence Police Department
  • Westlake Police Department
  • Beachwood Police Department
  • Orange Police Department
  • Middleburg Heights Police Department
  • Cuyahoga Department of Children and Family Services
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Renee Jones Empowerment Center

Source: Ohio’s largest ever anti-human trafficking operation results in 154 rescues, 179 arrests – cleveland.com


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