Government Sounds Too Much Like Family

We need to stop trying to make the inner workings of government sound like they match the inner workings of our families. Everybody’s family is dysfunctional, so what we get is a dysfunctional government. Or a standardized family? The family should actually be out in front of government and religion. Otherwise it is always governmentContinue reading “Government Sounds Too Much Like Family”


Three Bathrooms? Really?

How do you convert buildings that have only one or two bathrooms into three? You have the solution to not being beat up? Transgenders are most often beat up by gay people or straight people who don’t like being fooled. You want your own bathroom? How childish. You have a bad solution, but even soContinue reading “Three Bathrooms? Really?”


Don’t anyone try to tell or make me change my principles to accommodate your weaknesses and your discriminatory agendas. Strive for strong and you won’t go wrong. Violence signals out of control, which signals weakness. A violent act has nothing to do with the result and everything to do with the intent to produce discomfort.Continue reading “STRIVE STRONG”

The Brits Lead The Pack With Insanity

This is a perfect example. You keep saying the same words on Palestine and Israel. Over and over decade after decade. When are you going to wake up to the fact that those words stating your position over and over without consequences enabled the Jews to move forward with their settlement plans while simultaneously erasingContinue reading “The Brits Lead The Pack With Insanity”

Thinking About Abortion Again

I began turning against the Democratic Party when it supported harvesting body parts from fetuses still attached to the mother via the umbilical cord, absent any anesthesia, sort of like what they do to animals who are enslaved, tortured and raised for slaughter or scientific experimentation or product testing experimentation. All they cared about wasContinue reading “Thinking About Abortion Again”

Get out of the past and count the damn votes

It’s a sad time in American history when retired generals tell the sitting President, Donald Trump, via the press, that if he, Donald Trump, doesn’t concede to Joseph Biden he puts the country at a national security risk. What makes America great is that we all get to vote and every vote needs to count.Continue reading “Get out of the past and count the damn votes”


Many people and/or groups respect some animals and not others.  Some species are preferred over others. Revered even.  Other species are considered not worthy of life, except when keeping a species or a certain number of a certain species alive benefits humans in some way. The suffering that these animals within a species incur toContinue reading “PAUPERS AND PRIVILEGED”

Black People Need Sensitivity Training

It’s insensitive of black people not to understand how animal rights people feel when they wear fur and even flaunt it. And then to dig the knife deeper and give it a twist they try to negotiate something for themselves in return for not wearing the skins off of other animals’ backs. Always playing theContinue reading “Black People Need Sensitivity Training”

Animal-Free Eaters Are A Race

The time is now. We come from all walks of life, political affiliations, genders, sexual orientations, socio-economic backgrounds, religions, philosophies and from all corners of the earth, which means from all nationalities and hues of skin. We all share one thing in common, we don’t support the eating, wearing or abusing of other animals. ThatContinue reading “Animal-Free Eaters Are A Race”

To Concede Or Not To Concede?

Forcing someone to concede losing when that loss has already been determined is meant to further humiliate the loser. Traditionally political candidates concede to the person who won over them. Why? The proof is in the vote count. Why in addition to that does the winner need to gloat by demanding a concession by theContinue reading “To Concede Or Not To Concede?”

What They Need They Will Not Continue To Receive

Blacks feel good, relieved, when white people hate them. It empowers them. It validates their family’s stories and justifies their own hatred toward anything associated with white people. If white people don’t validate black people’s hatred, then black people create scenarios to force white peoples’ hatred against them – for instance burning cities. That’ll doContinue reading “What They Need They Will Not Continue To Receive”

Why Black Lives Terrorists Leave The Stadiums Alone

I wonder why Black Lives Terrorists and Colin Kaepernik aren’t protesting the high cost of tickets at ball games. Only the rich or corporations buying and comping tickets to rich clients can afford them. Why don’t they burn stadiums down? Because lowering the price of tickets so poor people could attend games would cut intoContinue reading “Why Black Lives Terrorists Leave The Stadiums Alone”

Fact Checking Face Talking

TALK ABOUT FACT CHECKING How do you fact check face-talking, lip smacking, snorting, tsking, eye rolling and eyebrow language etc. that every opinion news broadcaster uses to communicate to the audience and the guests to sway their opinions? Bet there are a lot of lies being told through face-talking on all types of news shows.Continue reading “Fact Checking Face Talking”

The Root Is It, Not The Cow

Plants have roots. Humans don’t have roots. Just because a human plants itself into a town and for centuries stays there doesn’t mean they don’t have the physical capability to move away from that town. Or flee. Plants can’t. Where they are sown, they stay and grow or die before they’re able to seed again.Continue reading “The Root Is It, Not The Cow”

Self-Correcting Behavior vs Collective Punishment

Self-correcting behavior means you see what’s coming and you correct your own behavior before outside forces feel compelled to correct it for you. By force is usually how the outside force operates. Be smart. Do it your way so the universe will overlook you when it sends a blanket correction to all life. That’s calledContinue reading “Self-Correcting Behavior vs Collective Punishment”

Exploiting Racism

Calling someone a racist isn’t going to make them not a racist, so there’s no point, except to harm their reputation based on lies. There are slander laws against that. Calling someone a racist whom you do not personally know is defamation of character, and it exposes you as the prejudicial one – the oneContinue reading “Exploiting Racism”

Don’t Discount The Laborer In Decision-Making

There are a lot of geniuses working low-paying jobs. They know how to figure out what needs to be figured out. They’re survivors who care about family and friends and new acquaintances. Don’t make the mistake of entering their lives with the intent of manipulating them with bumper sticker phrases and fancy jargon that workedContinue reading “Don’t Discount The Laborer In Decision-Making”

With Or Without Trump

What Will America Look Like Without Trump In The White House? Frankly I’m more interested in what Democrats will look like after four years of inciting massive illegal immigration, riots, hate crimes against white peoples to atone for historical sins against black people that the government and Hollywood perpetuated with their stereotypical portrayals. I’m envisioningContinue reading “With Or Without Trump”

Some Smart Advice

Stop with the arrogant looks, sighs, shoulder moves when somebody explains something to you. You know that thing you do. “What, because I’m black YOU think this or that blankety blank? Do you know how that sounds? If you knew how often and how many black people do that, you would have to conclude thatContinue reading “Some Smart Advice”