Some Smart Advice

Stop with the arrogant looks, sighs, shoulder moves when somebody explains something to you.

You know that thing you do. “What, because I’m black YOU think this or that blankety blank? Do you know how that sounds?

If you knew how often and how many black people do that, you would have to conclude that it’s genetic or pathological.

What is the point? What are you doing? Trying to make people pity you or make them think you’re smarter than they think you are?

You don’t know what they think, so why insert the ignorant/stupid factor into the mix when all it does is bring it into focus. And then what? Affirmative Action sets in and that makes you look even smarter?

Listen and if you already know it, let it be. Why even go on about what you know and how you know it? Shut up. Nobody wants to hear your insecurities. Deal with them privately, not out in the open.

Practice it. Then don’t brag about it. Blacks are the biggest braggarts of all time. You win the prize. You show up for class, get an A without doing the work. That’s nothing to brag on, unless of course you want to perpetuate the stereotype that you’re more interested in the scam than the education.

Everybody has home problems; it’s not the domain of Africans. You work around them. Just because you don’t do well in high school doesn’t mean you’re not able to excel. But you need to graduate so you can move on without being considered a loser.

That was my grandmother’s biggest regret – quitting school. They made her skip three grades because she was too smart for her age and it messed her up. She quit and regretted it her whole life. Yeah she came from a broken home, but lots of kids fail in the system and both parents are present.

Sure they should redesign the school system, but they don’t know how.

Pick something you want to do that will at least pay the bills, learn it well, then use that as your reference base when you decide to move on. Employers like people who have a history of doing something well – no matter what it is. Scamming others is not on any employer’s list of favorable attributes. You might scam them.

Being on time and not calling off excessively. That’s not much to ask. Everybody goes through periods when they’re not the most responsible people on the planet. But they don’t stay there. It’s a learning experience and they move on to more challenging projects.

You know the teacher doesn’t educate you, right?. You educate yourself. If you fail it has nothing to do with your skin. Learning happens in the brain – not the skin.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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