With Or Without Trump

What Will America Look Like Without Trump In The White House?

Frankly I’m more interested in what Democrats will look like after four years of inciting massive illegal immigration, riots, hate crimes against white peoples to atone for historical sins against black people that the government and Hollywood perpetuated with their stereotypical portrayals.

I’m envisioning a world at peace with each other with DT out of the way of progress. No ICE, no law enforcement, no military, everybody’s welcome to burn and steal whatever they want absent consequences.

Discrimination will be at an all time high against anyone with Fitzpatrick skin and will be accepted by the majority as just revenge for past discrimination against Nigerian and Spanish skins. Native Indians don’t count any more. They have over 500 separate nations and did nothing noteworthy to develop relationships with each other or the rest of the world.

America sold its soul to everybody else’s devils. With or without Trump evil will continue to have its way. No matter who wins no one will come together. If it’s Biden there will be four more years of blaming Trump for the state of the union and everybody else’s world. If Trump wins it will be four more years of blaming Trump for the state of the union and everybody else’s world.

The war mongers who claim to want peace won’t tire. That’s the way war works – it’s addictive. Peace isn’t, not for the souls who thrive on disruption and chaos. It’s a personal journey of uncertainty having your voting rights stripped while celebrating everybody’s right to fight.

Why has fighting all of a sudden become fashionable? Fighting hurts and hinders; it doesn’t help. Those who want to travel through hell to see a new world absent war, won’t get to the other side. There is no other side. There is no exit, once you commit. That’s what war does – it chains you to hell.

Hell does not create peace. That’s why they call it hell.

Burn in hell for eternity? That’s Antifa’s internal mantra – to everyone. Burning cities is the devil’s calling card. People’s fear of the devil is greater than their fear of God – all terrorists know that. And what greater sign of complete control than to spread the fire before the world’s eyes.

Antifa was operational long before Trump was on the political landscape. Hit men and women have existed and continue to exist in all corrupt organizations. Antifa is the terror wing for hire for anybody with a cause wanting quick change.

With or without Trump evil will continue to reign.

Naive people say the fires are contained, which makes them peaceful. Any firefighter will tell you that there is no such thing as a peaceful fire. And no such thing as a peaceful person setting a fire.

There is no such thing as a peaceful mob either. One shout can ignite mayhem and a massacre of people and property ensues – riot planners know that.

Recreating hell on earth was a design by democrats to win back the White House. What happens when they do? They have yet to demonstrate that they know how to put out the fires they start.

Justifying violence as they wait and watch USA cities burn by their design is to date their only plan.

Trump won’t be hanging around if defeated – he’s not a politician. The democrats on the other hand will still be operating their domestic terror machines on USA soil all the while blaming Trump for it. Personal responsibility is not their strong suit.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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