Don’t Discount The Laborer In Decision-Making

There are a lot of geniuses working low-paying jobs. They know how to figure out what needs to be figured out. They’re survivors who care about family and friends and new acquaintances.

Don’t make the mistake of entering their lives with the intent of manipulating them with bumper sticker phrases and fancy jargon that worked for some other candidate long ago.

They see right through insincerity. If you have a plan, it’s best to give the plan. If somebody steals your thunder come up with a better one – with more detailed and sparkling words.

The party usually makes the mistakes for the candidate, not the other way around.

Let the candidate speak their truth with a plan to back it up.

Many candidates, and the parties to which they belong, think they’re above the populace.

Sophistication is window dressing. The real sophisticate is the one who shines with or without the garnish.

Telling people you’re a laborer or someone in your family.. or you come from a long history of.. doesn’t impress. It makes you look lazy – counting on the mere knowledge of family’s or your demographic’s mere presence on earth to get you elected? Won’t work.

Where’s the plan? A plan for everything you promise. You don’t have one, except to say it won’t be like that other guy’s or gal’s or person’s? Lazy again.

We don’t want nor need lazy in the WHITE HOUSE or any other public position.

Show your strength by showing the plan, every plan for every topic you cover with your bumper stickers. Bumper stickers don’t get the job done. Everybody knows. We all want substance, not you claiming to give substance on the rear end of somebody’s vehicle.

This isn’t high school.

Lower incarcerations and institute get out of jail cards? Not baby steps, sweeping steps. How? What’s the plan. Are you ready? Don’t you politicians ever really work?

So tell us up front that the party will be running the position you’re elected to, that you’re just a face, a puppet. Go ahead, tell the truth.

So what’s the party’s plan, not the party’s line? We already know the party’s line is the bumper sticker. That’s the party. Now what’s the party’s plan, in each category.

Promises get you in trouble. Plans don’t. Plans are flexible. Promises are not.

We’re sick and tired of hearing the old adages about knowing those promises are empty.

Empty promises. All politicians do it. Why not change that? Trump did and he got crucified. So as the populace, make up your mind, do you want the promises fulfilled or not? Get off the fence.

Politicians come from the populace, so of course they know all about empty promises. Change it for the better. Make sure the people want what you promise to become a reality.

Stop pitting one group against the other. Stop pandering. Be bold, confident, knowledgeable. Was that your plan or did someone give it to you? Be honest.

Is that same team who’s mucking up your campaign going to be working with you if you get elected?

Who picks your people? The party? Or you? Be honest. Who do you owe? When you say no one, everybody knows you’re lying.

Corruption abounds unabated in politics, even after four years of hunting political witches. What was learned, except to make fun of people’s hair, the way they speak, their intelligence level, what they eat, how they dress, their families, even their children, how often they play golf, how late they stay up and make everybody on the planet hate everybody else?

What did you you learn by smashing the existing President or any other public official for four years? You didn’t get much work done being so busy finding ways to humiliate those currently in office.

People don’t change overnight into decent people. You think you can be indecent to someone you claim to be indecent, but all that strategy accomplishes is the exposure of yourself as indecent.

Everybody does it, is everybody’s excuse later on when everybody sees the errors of the ways and means. The Jews used that as justification for buying and selling humans. ‘Everybody else was doing it’ exonerated them in their minds to the world. Nobody went after them for it. This was long before the two world wars and the same was done to them.

So chances are nobody will be called out on political corruption, but four years of hunting for it in the present administration could have set you up for something similar happening to you down the road.

Like the Jews buying and selling people, then it happened to them.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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