Exploiting Racism

Calling someone a racist isn’t going to make them not a racist, so there’s no point, except to harm their reputation based on lies. There are slander laws against that. Calling someone a racist whom you do not personally know is defamation of character, and it exposes you as the prejudicial one – the one judging based on skin color alone.

People don’t like someone for their own reasons.

Racism is not a reason for being racist so stop making it a reason. You’re a racist because racism exists? You talk nonsense when you say all white people are racist and all black people aren’t. You’re embarrassing yourselves by exposing your own prejudices, while calling others out on theirs.

You telling one or many to like somebody you like, when they don’t even know you or know the ones you want them to like, won’t make one bit of difference in their preferences. In other words, you want people to like other people based on their color – black.

Liking someone or not liking someone is personal and nobody’s business. What are you seeking by recognizing your own prejudices in others? Do you want to legislate who people can like and dislike? You act like dictators all over the planet, spewing your hatred for white people. People won’t take you seriously when you jump to conclusions only to embarrass yourselves.

Why the rush for you to make somebody like someone they don’t know unless you’re exploiting them?

You exploit racism and racists. You’re not changing the world for the better by becoming those you hate. You’re in a cycle of self-destruction, as a race, when you demand others to like you or you’ll blow their businesses up.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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