The Root Is It, Not The Cow

Plants have roots. Humans don’t have roots. Just because a human plants itself into a town and for centuries stays there doesn’t mean they don’t have the physical capability to move away from that town. Or flee.

Plants can’t. Where they are sown, they stay and grow or die before they’re able to seed again. They cannot pick up and move their stalks to a new town where the soil conditions are better suited to them. They cannot flee.

The only way a plant can move is to duplicate itself by its seeds; when the seeds fall, the wind can pick them up, willy nilly, and like roulette, where they land nobody yet knows.

Africans don’t have roots. So stop saying they do. Humans and all other animals do not have roots.

Let’s hear about all the other animals in the animal kingdom and their migration patterns and evolution patterns. We only hear about the ape and monkeys and gorillas.

How did the insects move from one location to the other? Did each insect begin in one location, like humans say humans began in Africa? Track each one – each animal, not en masse. Insects are animals. Individually. Not now. From the past. Go back and track, like you did with humans.

Did all insects originate in one place then migrate to other places? Then why aren’t all insects in all places? What is it about the rain forest that made the insects and plants there want to stay there and not migrate or seed elsewhere?

Too big of an assignment? No interest? Too arrogant? Your arrogance disturbs the normal flow of the planet. You know who you are. All the scientists who state fiction as fact, rather than admit how little you know or even care to understand?

All the scientists so laden with isms that they still call the human race mankind instead of humankind. What’s the slow-poking about? Too much bureaucracy? Too much politics? Too much sexism? Old school of thoughts too afraid of new school realities?

Too much prejudice and discrimination everywhere? Who really calls the shots? Why not be honest? You’ll lose your job? Can’t recognize the difference between men and women? What, the transgender people are holding the humankind designation back? They want women to be called men?

Sound silly? Not any more than you claiming all women are men and came from the rib of Adam. What’s Adams surname? Go to the bible? So that’s your science manual? The bible?

Is slavery science? Is it an industry? Still, in 2020. Not black slavery. Who told them they invented slavery? Me? Well, human slavery, if human life began in Africa, then yes.

I’m talking today’s slavery. The Holocaust going on all over the planet that is the base of every country’s economy. The Jews didn’t stop that Holocaust did they?

They could have, but it was just too lucrative, so they throw a crumb to the animal rights people who think animals should have rights, by banning some fur and not other fur, but you can still buy it, but not wear it, you can give it as a gift, but no one will enforce the ban.

And even if skinninghouses are banned in Israel, they can import the skins. India did something similar with cows. The cow is sacred to them (used to be), but they were too lazy or not smart enough to design a shoe with no animal products – the rest of the world could do it, but they couldn’t – so they loop-holed the cows by bringing them into India dead, just so the Indians can say they didn’t kill them.

There’s always a way to skin an animal without anybody knowing it. Ask Chef Michael Symon, he knows. Fix It With Food, he says. Most chefs are slow learners and misfits, yet they direct the world on what the world will eat or drink. How did that happen? Not many progressive chefs or cooks in the world. How do they get so rich? The slaughter industries bankroll them.

Slaughterhouses and skinninghouses, slaughter and skinning tents too are banned from public view. You can’t go into a slaughterhouse or a skinninghouse. They’re right out in the open, but invisible and the democratic as well as republican hollywood and sports stars all flaunt wearing torture and death on their backs as a symbol of power and wealth. I wonder if they’re allowed in the slaughter and skinning houses?

Lebron James, Lady Gaga. Ignorant dudes, both of them. So one can sing and the other can throw a ball through a hoop and they become famous and make multi-millions of dollars and flaunt that too.

The multi-trillion dollar industries that enslave, torture and slaughter animals of all types, smart ones, young ones, not born yet ones; if it can walk and squawk or wiggle in a womb they’re a target for some use, whether it be glue or food or fur or black magic medicine, they are on the auction block, chained in cages wanting only to be free.

Yeah, that bible and every other holy book got the world into a heap of trouble and since the writers are long dead, the world can’t get the next more progressive chapter. What now??


It’s not nice to block evolution.

Oprah Winfrey brags about her happy chickens and hogs. They’re her slaves.

Slave owners in the Southern States Of America loved their slaves too. I’m talking about the black African human breed, and here they are doing the same thing to those they deem inferior to them; the entire animal kingdom they do it to and brag about it being their right.

Presumably, most slave owners thought their slaves were happy.

What ever happened to the horses Oprah ditched from that horse farm she bought? Never did hear.

I just read an article from BEEF Magazine titled:

Ranchers share their love of the land and livestock

  • “If you’re a steward of the land and your livestock, you’ll enjoy this gallery of readers’ views from the pasture.”

That’s not love; that’s not love; that’s not love. Imagine your mother and father loving you right up to maturation when they sell you to be slaughtered and eaten by people you don’t even know.

  • We are seeking your best images of cattle, pastures, horses, cow dogs, family, ranch hands or any other photo that showcases why you love what you do in this business of producing beef.”

HORRORS that anyone could love the animals they do that to. Love evidently doesn’t mean the same to all. Photos were not able to be copied and pasted – only the first one that was innocuous.

“The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want, oh God, oh God, don’t lead me there…”


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

Chef Davies-Tight™. The Animal-Free Chef™. ANIMAL-FREE SOUS-CHEF™. FAT-FREE CHEF™. Word Warrior Davies-Tight™. HAPPY WHITE HORSE™. SHARON ON THE NEWS™. BIRTH OF A SEED™. Till now and forever © Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, Artist, Author, Animal-Free Chef, Activist. ARCHITECT of 5 PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE™ & MAINSTREAM ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE™.

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