What They Need They Will Not Continue To Receive

Blacks feel good, relieved, when white people hate them.

It empowers them. It validates their family’s stories and justifies their own hatred toward anything associated with white people.

If white people don’t validate black people’s hatred, then black people create scenarios to force white peoples’ hatred against them – for instance burning cities. That’ll do it. the devil’s in the fire, everybody knows that instinctively.

White people are weary of that long-standing unspoken agreement to stand down and take the beating when they did nothing wrong. Since when do white people have to live through somebody else’s eyes?

They don’t. So stop enslaving them by feeding them to black people for breakfast lunch dinner and midnight snack for errors in judgment made by you, the government, in your so-called handling of diverse populations.

Because everybody does it doesn’t make it right and I for one am sick and tired of disruptions to my life by government forces who don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

Keep the psychiatrists and psychologists out of the planning on how to control the populace. I’m tired of seeing torture tactics used in the mainstream business and healthcare systems to control customers and patients. And now they’re doing the same thing on social media. They’re even doing it with telemarketing. We’ve become a torture society. How to extract information? At the doctor’s office??

Maybe there are too many people from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars working in the healthcare system, who treat patients like enemy combatants.

  • White people I’m talking about, now switch back to Black.

I can feel it and see it in their eyes – the relief and joy when they think they’re being hated. When you respond with kindness when they expect something else they’re disappointed and angry. They don’t know how to deal with it, and immediately become suspicious. They want to be right not wrong. You being nice makes them wrong and it unsettles them.

What to do about it? If you question anything they do or think, even if they want your opinion, if it goes against theirs, they will fight you tooth and nail until you succumb to their way. They’ll break you down. They cannot tolerate someone thinking they are wrong on anything. They want to be superhuman, above everyone else. That mindset has nothing to do with forced servitude – slavery.

  • Back to Whites.

You need to start treating them like the supremacists they are. Like Kings and Queens. When they exhibit anything but stellar behavior, knock them down, immediately. Don’t let them rise. Kick them in the sides and head, then call in more kickers. Beat the shit out of them. That’s what they respect. Metaphorically of course.

Blacks don’t respect timid. Whites being timid, they laugh at, then move in like a multitude of snakes, slivering up and grabbing all that you own. Stand your ground – without a gun of course. They respect power – all kinds of power. Trust me when I say this, black slaves never thought white people had power over them. Because they didn’t.

Blacks sell each other all the time. It’s the way of the jungle. You didn’t really think that the gold they got for each kid was gold for food did you? They know how to get their own food. They detach. Be careful around a black person who’s drinking who starts to detach, nothing good comes from it.

That’s why they need to see you look them in the eye, to make a connection, saying all is right with the world. If you ignore them, they’ll pounce, a few hops, back and forths, a few circulars and they’re in like a panther, so look them in the eye. Stay cool. That’s what they want.

The Blacks that black cops beat the hardest on, are those who whine. It sets them off, so don’t whine around them. They like strength. As long as you include them by a look and a nod and don’t do the white snub.

Most white people don’t want to fight, so if you’re Black, the best thing you can do around a white person is acknowledge them, the same way, only don’t stare, white people think it’s creepy and maybe you want something they don’t want to give – of a sexual nature. You don’t have to explain up front what you don’t want. It’s about what you want. Don’t come on too strong, and don’t start touching. Be cool without being a gangster. That gangster stuff Whites think you stole from them, like cultural appropriation. It works both ways – that appropriation thing that the Brits invented to cause trouble for America.

That’s enough for now Regarding : Getting to Know You Better

Later gators.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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