Why Black Lives Terrorists Leave The Stadiums Alone

I wonder why Black Lives Terrorists and Colin Kaepernik aren’t protesting the high cost of tickets at ball games.

Only the rich or corporations buying and comping tickets to rich clients can afford them. Why don’t they burn stadiums down?

Because lowering the price of tickets so poor people could attend games would cut into the players’ grossly inflated salaries and most of them are Black or Brown (African or Spanish).

Now there’s a discrimination for you. If the ratio of white to black or white to brown or white to black and brown is higher, then that should be reflected in the racial composition of sports teams and it clearly isn’t.

What? White people aren’t as good at sports as black and brown people? Well, maybe Blacks and Browns aren’t as good at the jobs they claim to want equal representation in – like doctor, lawyer, scientist.

Discrimination works both ways. That Black Lives Terrorists can’t see that, perhaps proves the later point.

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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