To Concede Or Not To Concede?

Forcing someone to concede losing when that loss has already been determined is meant to further humiliate the loser.

Traditionally political candidates concede to the person who won over them. Why? The proof is in the vote count. Why in addition to that does the winner need to gloat by demanding a concession by the loser – except for purposes of rubbing their nose in it?

Consider The World Series of baseball. Tampa Bay Devil Rays vs Los Angeles Dodgers. When the Dodgers won did they require that the Devil Rays publicly concede to them? No. It would be considered poor sports manners to gloat over and demean the one who lost.

It’s bad enough to lose, but now we’re going to continue to humiliate you for even trying to win over us by making you kneel to us in defeat?

If I were President Trump I would break with that vile tradition and let the votes speak. No concession should ever be required – even after all votes are counted no matter if the democrats think those votes don’t matter.

When I lived in Hawaii it was often said that our vote doesn’t count, since we were three hours behind Los Angeles and the statisticians had already determined a winner by the exit polls.

I understand the need for every vote to be counted. It’s unfortunate that the Democratic Party of which I was a lifetime member does not.

What? When we get enough to win we stop counting? No. You count every legal vote. Every citizen matters. The right to vote came after a long painful disenfranchisement by many of us. To act now like it doesn’t matter is a slap in the face to we who historically were by law left out of the process.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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