Black People Need Sensitivity Training

It’s insensitive of black people not to understand how animal rights people feel when they wear fur and even flaunt it.

And then to dig the knife deeper and give it a twist they try to negotiate something for themselves in return for not wearing the skins off of other animals’ backs.

Always playing the scam.

How crudely rude and barbaric – to negotiate for another animal’s life when that animal committed no crime, disrespected no human and had every universal given birth-right to live in peace instead of enslaved, tortured and slaughtered by black people so they could wear their skins.

It sounds to me like black people don’t like their black skin – otherwise they wouldn’t be wearing somebody else’s.

Leave their skins on their bodies where they belong.

Do you know what it feels like – being skinned alive? Everybody knows the golden rule because it’s the most effective way to get along in the world while minimizing suffering. Why don’t people who come from a slave heritage know that? They should know it better than anyone.

Someday there will be a market for human skin. Black skin will be the most valued and sought. Not white skin which is too blemished and fragile.

If you can’t see the future try harder.

The future is real and ours to mold.

Get that animal off your back.

If you’re opposed to slavery, then stop enslaving, torturing and skinning animals alive for their fur.

If you believe in turns, it could be your’s next.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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