Get out of the past and count the damn votes

It’s a sad time in American history when retired generals tell the sitting President, Donald Trump, via the press, that if he, Donald Trump, doesn’t concede to Joseph Biden he puts the country at a national security risk.

What makes America great is that we all get to vote and every vote needs to count. The generals are putting our voting system in jeopardy by essentially saying the system doesn’t matter – forget the miscounts or no counts or dumping of ballots – just get on with it.

It’s a sad time in American history when the American government feels the need to humiliate the sitting president in front of the world, so the world won’t attack us? Is that the national security threat?

Walk that back.

The democrats are the ones who claimed for four years that Trump’s victory wasn’t legal, so let’s make Biden’s victory legal and be done with it. Take your medicine.

Conceding under pressure is a tactic used in countries engaged in voting fraud. Concessions are not needed nor required by law – votes decide the election.

Get out of the past and count the damn votes where discrepancies are suspected. It doesn’t matter if it won’t change the outcome; it will discourage fraudulent maneuvers in the future. What’s the rush? Transitional teams are already working. Do it right – the world is watching our democracy.

It’s not for Donald Trump to declare who won and who lost. It’s the people who do that through casting their votes. So stop putting it on the president to declare the winner and loser.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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