The Brits Lead The Pack With Insanity

This is a perfect example.

You keep saying the same words on Palestine and Israel.

Over and over decade after decade.

When are you going to wake up to the fact that those words stating your position over and over without consequences enabled the Jews to move forward with their settlement plans while simultaneously erasing the existence of the Palestinian people by slowly consistently relabeling them as Arabs – not unlike what Antifa is doing in the USA by removing white peoples history and replacing it with theirs?

What was your plan B? Obviously your plan was to let the Jews have their way, so there was no need for a plan B.

Let the Jews feed off the Palestinians and they’ll let the rest of the world alone?

How have the Jews left everybody else alone?

When you make a person’s or a people’s freedom contingent on demands or certain behaviors, you make them into a prisoner and you’re the parole officer. Or you’re the terrorists and they’re your victims. Or you make them into prisoners of war, an entire country of Palestinians.

Do something of purpose and benefit to those enslaved. What paralyzes you into non-action? The world waited for Donald Trump to lose, so they could do what exactly, that they couldn’t do before?

If you’re looking for tidy, that can’t happen now, because you waited too long on the fence that nobody even saw you any more. Maybe that’s what you wanted.

Waiting for people to pop, and they will because they’re human, is what starts wars.

Who is running Britain? I thought the Monarchy remained silent on international issues, not the government. It seems that the British government has taken over the Crown whereby they say and do nothing, except sit back on their thrones and watch events unfold.

Yes, 10 Downing Street has relinquished its power to the Crown. Wow, and who in that bunch has the intellect or even desire to make a difference for somebody else, besides themselves?

Yes, they are all quite insane. They keep repeating the same mantra expecting different results. Soon there won’t be any Palestinians in Palestine and the Brits will find a way to take credit for solving a difficult issue that they started. Just get rid of them all, then there won’t be a problem?

The only country under existential threat is Palestine, not Israel as Jews want the world to believe.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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