Government Sounds Too Much Like Family

We need to stop trying to make the inner workings of government sound like they match the inner workings of our families.

Everybody’s family is dysfunctional, so what we get is a dysfunctional government. Or a standardized family?

The family should actually be out in front of government and religion. Otherwise it is always government and religion ruling our lives like we’re family, when we’re not.

Religion is not my family.

Government is not my family.

So whose family are those two institutions using as a model to keep the populace in line with their values?

We deserve to know.

There is usually not a fifty-fifty or forty-nine-fifty-one split (for and against) in families on any given issue. Yet that is the way it’s reflected on any government, political, social, economic et al issue that’s presented to the public via the media.

  • The country is always split nearly in half.

So in fact, although the governmental and religious factions claim to be our family and claim to reflect our views and interests, they clearly do not.

Perhaps the only commonality is the dysfunctional nature of government and religion that happens to also be operative within the family.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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