Don’t anyone try to tell or make me change my principles to accommodate your weaknesses and your discriminatory agendas.

Strive for strong and you won’t go wrong.

Violence signals out of control, which signals weakness.

A violent act has nothing to do with the result and everything to do with the intent to produce discomfort. Just because nobody gets physically harmed does not make the blowing up of a vehicle peaceful.

The threat of harm as perceived by the person or people it is directed at is what determines peaceful vs violent – not a news broadcaster or an opinion talking head taking sides in a war.

I cannot respect you with a flame thrower in your hand or a Molotov cocktail. I cannot respect a mob trying to breach a barricade where police officers or Federal agents are on the other side. That breach is in itself intent to do harm. That makes it as violent as attempted murder.

An act of war is an act of violence directed on behalf of a group agenda rather than an individual becoming violent during the commission of a crime.

HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS AND SLAVERY MUSEUMS were particularly designed to produce discomfort and pain in the individual paying to view history and her story.

Purposely causing someone pain is violent. BAN VIOLENT MUSEUMS. They are as wicked as the original acts of enslavement which they put on display to hurt humans over and over again.

STOP THE EXPLOITATION AND PROFIT FROM PAIN. It is a sick society that allows it. If Jews cared so much about the welfare of others, they would stop the holocaust of the Palestinian people so they can steal their land. No more Palestinians and their land becomes the land of the Jews.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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