Three Bathrooms? Really?

How do you convert buildings that have only one or two bathrooms into three?

You have the solution to not being beat up? Transgenders are most often beat up by gay people or straight people who don’t like being fooled.

You want your own bathroom? How childish.

You have a bad solution, but even so what’s your plan on how to convert every building in the world and who’s going to pay for it? You?

You’re really full of yourself if you think the world and all it’s people owe you a private bath.

Oh, so it’s not for the purpose of taking a leak or a dump? It’s for sexual encounters? You don’t have a living space, a car, can’t afford a motel? So you want the world to put a mini hotel room into every public building, store, restaurant, bar?

The least you can do is be honest about what you really want.

The whole world needs to spend all this money and upkeep so you can have a private sex room in public buildings?

Start acting like an adult or does the impetuous rich kid personality go along with alternative genders?

Find your own place to have sex and stop spreading diseases in public restrooms.

Did you pick a word yet? You know, men, women and ? What’s the word to designate the third restroom?

Did you think about how to translate whatever word you pick into the multitude of languages and dialects globally? Not everyone speaks English, you know. Some words may translate into something insulting or demeaning, or sound like another word that’s insulting and demeaning. Did you make accommodations for that?

You didn’t do any of it did you? You float the demands, make a lot of accusatory noise, expecting people to respect your demands absent any respect coming from you?

You’re a lazy trans terrorist, demanding others find the way you can’t by abusing them until they produce for you personally, and your cause of wanting everyone’s pronoun to change for you plus your own private sex room in every public building.

Did you pick a pronoun yet that will fit everybody without being a lengthy acronym?

Identifying your gender by how you dress is too fickle and confusing. If your brain is attracted to women, but you have a woman’s body, then you’re gay. If your brain is attracted to men and you have a man’s body, then you’re gay.

If you’re a woman who wants to me a man or a man who wants to be a woman, then why when you have a sex change operation do you become gay? If you change to a woman, shouldn’t you want to be with a man? The reality is that once changed into a woman, you prefer to be with women. Somehow as a man you saw yourself as a woman. Now that you’re a woman, you see yourself as gay.

There’s something not right there. But I follow ya.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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