Allocation Of Funds Based On Racial Ratios Are Biased

Allocation Of Funds Based On Racial Ratios Are Biased Toward Blacks

White people get a smaller share per person when institutions allocate funds based on ratios of race, instead of allocating the same dollar amount per person regardless of race.

The only fair way to allocate funds: based on the individual rather than the race.

Sure, the white race will get more than the black race as a whole because the total numbers are higher, but each individual, no matter the race will get the same amount of benefit.

Allocation of funds needs to be based on the individual rather than the group.

If whites were the minority group and blacks the majority group, blacks would be calling for it.

One family has six kids, another family has two kids. Each family gets one hundred dollars to give to their kids. Which kids get more?

Each kid in the six kid family gets 16.6 dollars. Each kid in the two kid family gets 50 dollars.

The kids in the six kid family would rightly feel slighted. Although each family got the same amount, the larger family got less per kid, significantly less.

Blacks are demanding that the U.S. Congress pass laws which provide preferential access to Corona/Covid-19 healthcare, citing that they’re disproportionately affected due soley to their race.

There is no evidence to show that this particular virus seeks out black people to infect. The virus is not racially biased. It is not gender biased. It is not elder biased either.

It goes where large groups gather and huddle and can be spread from there to wherever the people carrying it travel.

If it can be shown, that when all black people wear masks appropriately, distance and clean themselves appropriately and their numbers show a dramatic significant spreading spike, then one could claim they’re either doing something wrong or the virus finds it easier to penetrate the mucous membranes of black people.

Diabetes has no bearing on how and when the CC Virus strikes. Being a diabetic does not automatically put you in a condition called ill health.

If your lungs are already filled with mucous from a chronic lung disease, then getting pneumonia is problematic. If you’re a drug or alcohol addicted person, your immune system won’t fight off disease as quickly as a healthier person. Still, many completely healthy people succumb. So it’s way too early to be screaming for preferential treatment, especially when you’re only looking to increase benefits, rather than spreading healthier lifestyles.

Seek health instead of privilege. You may just live longer.

Let me make this perfectly clear: Being black is not a disease that attracts other diseases.

There are more white people who weigh 400 pounds than black people. They’re not calling for preferential treatment because they’re white. Being white has nothing to do with it.

If the tables were turned and the blacks were the majority, then they’d be saying, “my kid only gets 16.6 cents and the white kid gets 50 cents and that’s not fair.

You can’t trust any numbers coming out of the black community. Remember these are the same groups who altered test scores so black kids could get preferential consideration for college scholarships.

Blacks use racial ratios because it gives them an advantage over white people. Statistics don’t show the full truth of need, or fairness.

Statistics are not equality friendly. To do that, they’d have to count every person, which is exactly what statistics don’t do.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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