The Hairy Brained Anti-Journalists

Anti-Journalists Are Crawling Under Your Skin And Manipulating Your Brain Cells Every Time You Read One Of Their Harebrained Newsless Stories (sorry rabbit – how about hairy brained?)

My browser opens up to Yahoo news when I open my computer. Whenever I see an article on corona/covid virus I no longer look.


Yahoo news has become synonymous with tabloid/fake/prejudicial/ad oriented/sensationalistic, slandered not slanted, stories they pass for news. They even scold the reader, can you imagine that? Before the reader even gets to the first line. Then the first line hits you again, pushing all your reflexive buttons to over ride and subdue your intellect. So they know you have one, they just need to work at disengaging it, so you’ll accept at face value what they’re shoving down your throats uninvited.

There’s not a serious journalist in the whole bunch. They are anti-journalists, because they’re anti-truth. They tell you what they want you to believe, accusing and humiliating their target in the title, acting as judge, jury and executioner, before you even get a chance to read the story.


Low on patience, they tell you what to think, so you can scroll to the next title where they do the same. The goal is to satisfy your curiosity so you don’t have to click on the story, since most people don’t anyway.

It’s disheartening that in the middle of a pandemic, people who call themselves journalists are pedaling trash to increase their ad dollar revenue.

Why would they care what we think? Just give us the news and we’ll decide for ourselves.

They, whoever ‘they’ really are, don’t trust you to make up your own mind – they call you brainless pricks and cunts behind your backs as they sway you right or left, usually left. There’s no middle for them, which means all these so-called journalists have political, social, economic and religious agendas. They tell you in advance in the title who is lying and expect you to accept it as the brainless prick or cunt they know you are. They want to tell you how it is and for you to trust their opinionated titles before you even get to the article.

If while reading a title you feel you’re being manipulated, they know human nature well enough to know that you won’t be able to scroll on by without at least taking a peek. They also know you won’t stay long if you do.

Madison Avenue grooms these fake journalists to sell you what they used to call a ‘bill of goods’. It’s a tabloid news swindle. And these tabloid news artists are all over the media in every corner, under every rug and in the air conditioning units of every news office in the modern world. They have big names and small ones and at every stop along the statistical continuum, and you can’t escape their influence on your tiny brains as they call them.

So hey Yahoo, you’re not giving anybody an enjoyable experience by censoring their views. The fact that you want to give the reader an enjoyable experience overreaches into controlling their mood territory and most of us see right through the manipulation.

You don’t need to give us our opinions, Yahoo. We can take care of that ourselves.

When the writer inserts their ‘feelings’ or their personal opinions into the news, it becomes fiction.

Fake news is fictitious news, slanted by agenda, which corrupts it.

It’s time to fact check the writers of the news and the writers of the headlines instead of fact-checking the comments in response to fictitiously altered news for opinion-controlling purposes.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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