State Sanctioned Rape And Executions

Q & A

Why did Catholic priests leaving the order flock to the FBI for agent jobs?

They either fled for protection within an elite, secretive community or wanted to be instrumental in catching sexual deviates = child molesters and manipulators.

The FBI has a long history of covering for the sexual perversions of Catholic priests.

I wonder if they extended the same courtesy to Jewish, Christian and Muslim organizations?

I don’t know, but it needs to be looked at perhaps from a different view. Prison isn’t the answer. It hasn’t cured anybody yet.

Why prosecute men for raping women and turn the eye when it’s a child?

Why don’t the Democrats look into it? Too many of the offenders are Hispanic, who never get caught, because the families protect them? There we go again, too many of them in the Catholic organization?

Ever wonder why Muslims and Jews are so private and elitist?

You should see the men at a bat mitzvah ogling the young girls – fathers and uncles going bats over daughters and nieces. One wouldn’t think they’d be so open about it, but they’re all Jews, so they’re safe expressing their perversions within likeminded people in a likeminded religion – otherwise if they thought they were being negatively judged, they wouldn’t do it.

So there it is, within the family, people uncomfortable with confrontation due to implication, that remaining silent will best keep the peace. Many families struggle with that – within a global culture of incest and rape.

I might add regarding women vs children, not many men actually get reported, charged and convicted for raping a woman. Most females won’t come forward – imagine the humiliation in the family, how neighbors talk, church members too, doesn’t matter if the offending rapist was in the family or an acquaintance or a complete stranger, it gets viewed the same way. The girl/woman is blamed and shamed.

In a black family when the father or uncle coerces or forces sexual activity onto a child whether below the age of consent or not, when the activities are made known, they all have the same excuse – the white man made them do it.

What white man, you mean across the street? No, no. Not him. You mean the one up at the grocery store? No, no all of them. You mean both of them? No, no stop it. There are too many of them. Too many white men? What are you talking about?

The WHITE MAN. You know.

Ohhh, THAT white man.

They been doin’ it to us forever.

So that’s why you raped your granddaughter, and my daughter?

You raped her too.

Yeah well, guess it is the WHITE MAN. He do it too.

With white people they have no one to blame but themselves. They don’t have a forever excuse, because they didn’t see or look for one.

They could try colonialism, but most white people aren’t interested in history. It was too long ago.

That didn’t stop the Blacks.

Besides it would be white blaming white, nobody wants to hear it.

Whites are made differently than Blacks. They’re pride is independence. With Blacks their pride is in their skin.

They’re skin unites them. Their power to destroy what irritates their skin unites them. Aggression unites them. Unity in all matters that matter to them makes them an army, which makes them adversarial.

So I’m going to have to disagree with that WHITE MAN MADE ME DO IT excuse for raping within or outside the family.

Armies rape within the group and outside the group.

Are we getting anywhere? Nobody cares?

Why sentence people to be raped in prison? They deserve it? Does anybody deserve being raped? So rape is a punishment?

Why don’t Blacks rise up against rape and family molestation? Why aren’t Blacks against capitol punishment? Where’s the outrage?

Blacks are only against it when it happens to a black person. They don’t fight for non-blacks, they fight for themselves, and they manipulate non-blacks into fighting with or for them.

If they were to support the abolition of death by government, then all people would be included. That they refuse to do that on a massive scale, shows that no color except black matters to them. It’s the skin they fight for, not the principle or ideology – or even justice. They don’t burn cities on behalf of white prisoners, or white people killed by cops.

It’s beginning to look like we live in a rape culture. Globally, not just in remote tribes. Somehow humans managed to keep their tribal perversions throughout the evolutionary process intact – not much change there. If a person wants to get away with rape, all they need do is commit a crime and be sent to jail or prison. An unlimited supply of rape opportunities await their arrival!


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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