Stop ‘Niggering’ White People To Death

Stop ‘Niggering’ White People To Death. Clean Up Your Own Language.

There was no video attached to this article. Still, in Cleveland where I live, go into any bar where blacks and whites frequent and blacks are calling everybody nigger. They use it in all contexts ranging from anger to ordinary. The more they drink, the worse it gets. And they drink a lot.

The casino downtown, same thing. Where blacks play they call themselves and each other nigger. Loudly, frequently. And no, it’s not nigga like the British say it is, maybe in Britain, who knows, but here it’s accepted.

So this effort by the New York Times falls on deaf white ears, when a city is burned in response. For Yahoo to pick it up, shows Madison Avenue is still in charge of content. Click on the N.Y. Times original version and they’re trying to sell you a subscription – the ad targets black people, tells them what they want to hear: white people losing their education rights, for someone calling someone else a nigger three years ago.

It’s an advertisement ploy to get people to subscribe to N.Y. Times.

No one can expect white people not to react to the massive abuses committed against and directed at them 24/7 all over the news and social media. People who never did anything to anybody are targets of highly prejudicial and discriminatory actions by blacks.

Burn the city where I live, destroy lives and property because you can’t stop breaking the laws meant for everyone, not just white people, and I fully understand why some white people deeply offended by the carnage will call blacks niggers. Blacks would do the same, only worse. They’ve proven it time and time again.

These white people do not go into black areas and burn black houses and businesses down in response, they call them a name. So what. At least they’re not being violent and instilling terror into the hearts, minds and souls of those who abuse and terrorize them and their families. White people don’t feel safe in their homes any more. You’re going to see a lot of people, for instance, wanting to move out of Chicago.

Blacks should be happy that’s all whites are doing. Keep burning cities and ruining lives and destroying property and you’ll see a much greater response, than calling somebody a name.

If somebody terrorizes you, go ahead, call them every name in the book. Just don’t respond in kind by burning their neighborhoods like they burned your businesses. Notice the only name blacks call whites that accompanies their violent actions is racist. Well, that’s a strategy.

Blacks need to stop waging war to get more than anybody else. You don’t deserve any more than anybody else – nobody does. Even if you did, your actions show you’ll just destroy what was given each time you can’t cope with the stresses of life and decide to blame it on your skin rather than accept responsibility for your own actions.

No wonder no one wants to hire you. They have to hire the whole race when they do, and you’ll be laying in the grass like a snake with your camera ready to pounce on the one who hired you to get your fifteen minutes of fame for being black and a bunch of money to boot. Blacks wouldn’t hire white people who did that. How many black owned businesses hire poor white people anyway? Just by saying you’re black-owned is racist. If white-owned is racist, then black-owned is racist.

Work on your own emotional responses, instead of the emotional responses of others to your barbarism and see what happens. You can’t torture an entire race and expect no one in that race to respond. Look to your own behavior if you want the change you claim.

If you don’t want to hear the word nigger, then stop saying it.

Eventually those bars and that casino will be all black, because truth be told, most white people are too sophisticated to want to be around the lowlifes who pepper everything they say with the word. In the beginning, all throughout and at the end of every sentence. They eventually go some place else where people act more civilized.

The article claimed to want to teach white people a lesson about the severity of the word.

There is no severity in that word if blacks use it as commonly as they do. It’s a ruse to get attention.

If black people don’t want to be called names, then stop calling white people names.

How can Black Lives Terrorists not understand that basic rule of behavior? And if the word offends them, then stop offending each other by calling each other niggers.

Frankly I’m sick of hearing it from the mouths of black people. Hey, white people who grew up in the south do it too – they all do it black and white.

I’d tell those blacks in Virginia to stop calling white people hillbillies. There’s no mention of that in the article. There wouldn’t be, because white people aren’t waiting to pounce on a black person who says it. They’re not that small or petty.

If blacks can’t set the example without terrorizing the world by burning cities, then they lost when they struck that first match.

Keep your mouths shut in public places if all you can say is nigger this and nigger that. We all don’t want to hear it – even if you all do.

The person who took the video of a white person calling a black person nigger said they sat on it for three years just waiting for the right time to release it. Well, blacks have been burning cities now for decades. I’m surprised that’s all white people have done, was call somebody a name they call themselves who was destroying lives and property, as a message to white people of what’s to come.

That was a black-planned hit against a white student. Three years in the making. That’s scary. The black kid is probably going to get a free college education out of it.

Stop spilling your hatred for white people all over the country, every place you go, with the intent to damage and hurt white people for profit, expecting preferential treatment in the allocation of social services.

I’m not going to hire someone who openly hates me for my white skin color. That’s racist, right there. You’ve got to be joking right? Oh right, you’re not. Burning cities proves your not joking. Then why are you all laughing so loud in the bars every time the news comes on showing you burning cities at multiple locations on multiple televisions?

Institutionalized city-burnings and institutionalized stealing and institutionalized assaults. That’s what’s institutionalized and you all can’t even see it. And you all call yourselves Christians? That shoe doesn’t fit. That’s a joke too right? Put a tire around somebody’s neck, fill it with gasoline and set them on fire for stealing your shoes? That fits you, who you are as a people, since you all want to think with one brain and speak with one voice. That scares all non-black people, not just white people. Try that shit on the Chinese and see how far you get.

Like I say, you’re just lucky so far, that an isolated white person called you a nigger – you know, the nickname the British gave you that you accepted, so much so, that you can’t stop saying it – even now. Work on that, or shut up about it.

While you’re at it clean up your other words, motherfuckers and bitches? That’s on you – black people say it more than anyone. Even Lebron James can’t get his mind and mouth out of the gutter, no matter how many millions of dollars he makes for putting a ball in a hoop.

Then I want to see more white people in sports. Blacks and Hispanics dominate the major sports in America; I thought you all said you are the minorities? So in sports where you dominate you ditch your racial percentage quotas that you apply everywhere you don’t dominate?

In a country ruled by majority, you all want the minority to rule and find all kinds of loopholes to do it.

You’re losing supporters. Why? Because you use hypocritical strategies to get more than anybody else at the same income and skill level.

Stop demanding that white people be your mother and father. White people have their own families to raise. Raise your own.

Oh yeah, and stop enslaving white people. There’s something about slavery that gets under my skin – no matter who engages in it.

If black people had burned cities to end executions, they would have won. As it is, about all they got was Madison Avenue targeting them to buy product and hair legislation that nobody cared about anyway. I mean, the hypocrisy: how does one call fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelashes natural? ‘Well, that’s what we call natural; that’s natural for us’. As weird as that sounds, then as natural as it is to call yourselves a nickname that white people gave you, then it should be equally as natural for those who gave it to you to use it.

So the legislation is on hair discrimination, not the abolition of state sponsored executions. Fake hair is real to you, so what else that is fake is also real to you? You open up a mess of questions that needn’t have been opened to distract people from the issues. You shot yourselves in the feet.

Blacks support executions, that’s why they didn’t put that number one on their list. If they had done that, since it’s the ultimate punishment, all else that comes under it in law enforcement would have relaxed, but they just didn’t have it together, wanting to have only one voice, one hair, one soul, one brain.

It would have had to be all executions though, and it wasn’t a black enough issue. There weren’t enough of them on death row to make an impact. That’s where they were wrong – not to include everyone. In doing it their way they exposed their own systemic racism against all white people in all matters.

This is the street justice in Africa that blacks want to institute in America. De-fund the police and bring out the tires, gasoline and books of matches? This is what happens when blacks take care of their own. These are black lessons.

Calling somebody a name? That’s laughable except that it ruined a person’s life, a child’s life, because she lived in Virginia where it was commonplace for blacks to call whites hillbillies and for whites to call blacks niggers.

Postscript: They probably had to wait until she was of age before they could release the tape and the name – three years. Now that’s low coming from people who claim to go high.

A Racial Slur, a Viral Video, and a Reckoning

Dan Levin

Sun, December 27, 2020, 11:27 AM EST

Source: A Racial Slur, a Viral Video, and a Reckoning


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