Now This Is Something To Pity

American Africans must have multiple personality disorder.

They’ve got the entire black race in their minds – the good, the bad and the awful.

No wonder they cry even when they succeed. No matter how rich and powerful they become, they can never break the chains to every person in their race that forever enslaves them.

White people can’t help them with that. They forever seek bondage instead of independence. When we see the odd white person seeking bondage over independence we regard them as perverse and sick. Weak and meek.

That is indeed something to pity. No matter the color.

If you want to matter, then you need to stop calling yourself a color. Color is meaningless. Color is fickle. Color has no intelligence or problem solving abilities. Color has no value. Color can’t build a railroad or design a skyscraper or build a bridge or cure cancer.

Color can make a person vomit or become anxious or relaxed or experience joy.

People experience color differently. Color can be used to attract or repel.

It’s an add-on; it’s window dressing; it’s emotional. It’s neither intellectual nor progressive.

No one ever asks, what color hetransshe wore today. What would it matter?

It wouldn’t.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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