Margaret Thatcher In A Jar

I thought she was dead. What’s she doing in a jar in my apartment in public housing with a gas mask on? That’s mold of some sort. My jars were cleaned and bleached and rinsed before adding cold tap water and food coloring. Back in the 60s and 70s people used to put colored waterContinue reading “Margaret Thatcher In A Jar”


WHO Concludes COVID 19 Likely Jumped from Animals to Humans

HWH: This is a hoot. “Likely jumped from animals to humans?” Humans are animals, so the virus jumped from animal to animal! Have they started testing cows, pigs, lambs, chickens and all the animals the world eats yet? No, because there’s no science to warrant it. If it can spread rapidly from human animal toContinue reading “WHO Concludes COVID 19 Likely Jumped from Animals to Humans”


SINGULAR ETHNIC RACIAL PEOPLE ARE MORE BIASED Most light-skinned people are multi-ethnic, which makes them more accepting of other ethnicities, which gives them an advantage over people who claim only one ethnicity or race. It also can create ethnic confusion or racial confusion when each ethnicity or race claims superiority over all others, which isContinue reading “SINGULAR ETHNIC RACIAL PEOPLE ARE MORE BIASED”

Donald J. Trump Didn’t Oppress Anyone

During the four years Donald J. Trump served as president he never struck out at me and I had something to say about everything. And bluntly. Other recent presidents didn’t extend that same courtesy, especially the democrats. The Spanish, African, Gay populations who screamed the loudest and the British who supposedly screamed on their behalfContinue reading “Donald J. Trump Didn’t Oppress Anyone”

A British Reckoning

They’ve seen it coming for a long time. That’s why they’re controlling the world’s language. Control the language and you control the people. The world isn’t just turning it’s collective back to them, it’s turning on them. They don’t get to decide whose turn it is anymore. Imagine the audacity. After giving back the landContinue reading “A British Reckoning”

Allowing Nonhuman Animal Atrocities To Keep The Human Atrocity Rate Down

All the gruesome acts committed against nonhuman animals who can’t fight back are also committed against humans who can’t fight back against their captors and aggressors. Why then do social engineers insist on allowing these gruesome acts against nonhuman animals to occur when they know full well that it does not stop or discourage similarContinue reading “Allowing Nonhuman Animal Atrocities To Keep The Human Atrocity Rate Down”

Social Justice Is Institutionalized Revenge

When States Put Their Own Peaceful Citizens In Harms Way To Appease Those Who Seek Social Justice Through Destruction Of Property And Lives When governors make some people of their state suffer so others can feel good about themselves, then somebody needs to step in to stop it. Social justice is nothing more than institutionalizedContinue reading “Social Justice Is Institutionalized Revenge”


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Sharon Davies-Tight Mon, Feb 1 at 11:03 AM SO YOU DON’T LIKE RULES I’m not going to burn your olive tree farm village town city down if you don’t do what I tell you to do, all the while screaming for you to see me. I’m not going to…

Proof Of God Through A Parallel

Why So Many Humans Believe God Exists – It’s a parallel. We can’t see the mind, even with the highest powered microscope. But we know we have one. We see the result of it. We experience it in others. It’s called thinking that results in action. We’re beginning to see that non-human animals also haveContinue reading “Proof Of God Through A Parallel”