Proof Of God Through A Parallel

Why So Many Humans Believe God Exists – It’s a parallel.

We can’t see the mind, even with the highest powered microscope. But we know we have one. We see the result of it. We experience it in others. It’s called thinking that results in action.

  • We’re beginning to see that non-human animals also have a mind. We see the result of it. Although it’s called thinking most scientists, wanting to be superior to all other animals, call it instinct. Instinct is an automatic response by the nervous system within the body to outside or internal stimuli. Humans also operate on instinct.

The reason humans so easily accept the existence of God, a universal force which they cannot actually see, is because they do that with themselves. They have a mind which they cannot actually see and are witness to their own actions created by that mind.

We accept that we were created by something that we cannot see. And because we see the result of that creative action, and because it’s so complex that no one human mind could have done it, we theorize that something greater in all aspects did it, and that we are the living proof of that action.

That greater something, most humans have come to refer to as God.

We accept that we have a functional mind and we use it for whatever we do while alive.

If I tell my brain what to do, then what do I call that part of me that does that?

My mind.

The concept of God is turned into the reality of the existence of God, by what we see in the universe, that we humans did not create, much like the concept of our mind is turned into the reality of the existence of our mind – by what our mind can produce through thought followed by action based on those thoughts.

The existence of our minds parallel the existence of God.

Humans instinctively know that, though they haven’t managed to put it into words. Religions prohibit independent thought on all issues regarding God and the specific tenets of their corresponding doctrines.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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