Social Justice Is Institutionalized Revenge

When States Put Their Own Peaceful Citizens In Harms Way To Appease Those Who Seek Social Justice Through Destruction Of Property And Lives

When governors make some people of their state suffer so others can feel good about themselves, then somebody needs to step in to stop it.

Social justice is nothing more than institutionalized revenge with impunity, directed at people who have no power to make or change laws.

When individual states allow any group to burn homes and businesses, steal and terrorize the citizens of that state, there needs to be Federal laws in place to block those who are institutionalizing the terror through damage and threats of harmful consequences via generalized demands that are impossible for any individual or group to meet.

To preserve the integrity of a democracy there needs to be Federal laws in place that override the states decision to allow those conditions to exist and flourish.

Riots are not peaceful assembly. Burning city centers is not peaceful assembly. Attacking police and security officers is assault.

Terrorizing people on the street, where they work or in their homes is Domestic Terrorism that no democracy should tolerate or condone as anybody’s constitutional right.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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