A British Reckoning

They’ve seen it coming for a long time. That’s why they’re controlling the world’s language. Control the language and you control the people.

The world isn’t just turning it’s collective back to them, it’s turning on them. They don’t get to decide whose turn it is anymore.

Imagine the audacity. After giving back the land they stole to control over ninety percent of the inhabited world, they managed to worm their way back in through the back doors to everybody’s life through the media.

The Brits, much like the Jews, have their dirty twisted fingers into everybody’s homemade pie, calling it a shift from land ownership to the real land that resides in the mind. BRAIN OCCUPATION.

And it is the most insidious form of colonization that exists today and it’s happening right now. The British are invading the minds of the world before the world invades them and they’re using the media to do it.

The process is called AQUA INVASION. They target the water in every cell that controls all else in each cell and between cells. That’s where they insert their coded messages that make people do what they want, while reassuring them of their free will.

It is not what they tell the wild they want which is always a lie, but what they tell the tame they need.

Their perpetual fence-sitting in all matters negotiable is the outward sign of the fences in your cells that they target to control. After all, the one who sits on the fence sees all sides, everything incoming, outgoing and stagnant.

When one sees all, they can pick and choose that which they want to alter thus control.

TO BE CONTINUED when word warrior and animal-free chef flood the internet.

Noah is on the way.

Aqua woman.

Aqua dog.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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