Donald J. Trump Didn’t Oppress Anyone

During the four years Donald J. Trump served as president he never struck out at me and I had something to say about everything.

And bluntly. Other recent presidents didn’t extend that same courtesy, especially the democrats.

The Spanish, African, Gay populations who screamed the loudest and the British who supposedly screamed on their behalf with name-calling and disparaging taunts never once clearly stated what they wanted and a plan for accomplishing it.

Instead they told people whom they can live and who they had to love or hate. All or nothing was their strategy for everything, while they knee-jerked their way through everybody’s life wanting everybody to fight on their behalf. That’s called slavery. Threatening people with harm if they don’t comply is extortion and torture.

The Brits by the way jump on other peoples’ bandwagons appearing to support their causes when in reality they have gripes of their own usually associated with TRADE.

The Brits still think they rule the planet, and maybe they do, but they don’t want to give that appearance, so they come to you claiming to want to help your cause for all the reasons you want and need to hear. Once they’re in you can’t get them out. But that’s for another essay.

The point being made is the lack of solutions and plans offered by the groups screaming to be heard. It makes one wonder about the motivation to solve or at least help solve the problems they keep screaming about,

What it shows to anyone watching and listening is they want someone else to solve what they don’t know how to verbalize what they want.

I never did that. I’d lay out a plan or solution or offer a different view to open wider everybody’s consciousness to see the issues more clearly.

No one was interested except for the government factions around the globe who saw one person at least trying to find solutions that benefitted everyone without malice and threats and brow beating and humiliating those who said they wanted a conversation, but really wanted to control everybody’s input by over-shouting them.

I didn’t see any strategies that didn’t pound one group into the ground to raise another up. That’s not a plan. Maybe it’s a test of a person’s will to see who recovers and who doesn’t, but it doesn’t solve the problems people keep insisting exist.

It appears it was all staged to disrupt America for reasons not yet clear to a populace who doesn’t care anyway. Everyone I know is focused on their own lives, trying to survive the pandemic while being disrupted by Spanish, African, Gay people along with the British who drove every groups agenda into a heap of rubble, while they benefitted from the disruption.

In future if you have a gripe and don’t give a remedy except revenge to make you feel better, thinking the ones you attack will find a solution that you can’t, do not expect a serious response. Absent your civilized participation no solutions will be forthcoming.

Not one of those groups were serious about working with the president on anything positive and forward moving.

When people protest by laughing at somebody’s hair or weight or family, or intelligence level or the way they hug or the size of their hands, then they burn a few cities to let you know they mean business, no one in their right mind takes them seriously.

They, not the system of government they want to change overnight, become the hazardous waste the world fears and hates, and rightly so.

Their unpredictable reckless irresponsible hate-filled nature puts the entire world at risk.

If protestors don’t know what they want besides disruption, don’t expect those you direct your hate at to read your mind. All they read is hate coming from people who don’t even know what they want, who couldn’t offer a viable solution if their life depended on it.

Be careful who you terrorize and be mindful of its far reaching nature. Maybe start using your brains instead of commandeering somebody else’s and you’ll live a better life by your design not theirs.

You ask to be oppressed by not solving your own issues.

You humiliated and tortured the person you wanted something from treating him like an enemy combatant, while making no contribution to the solution that you didn’t or couldn’t verbalize.

You wanted him to be your personal ATM machine and sugar daddy.

Well, nobody should have to tell you to treat with respect those with whom you wish to negotiate. From the beginning he was an open book wanting everyone’s opinions. You didn’t want a solution, otherwise you would have taken him up on it.

Your plan, the Democratic plan, was to disrupt the country and force him out of office, putting the country at risk to satisfy your taste for vengeance, never accepting him as the legally elected president.

That’s all on you. You can’t terrorize a president and a nation and expect to have your way, that by the way, you couldn’t even verbalize beyond a bumper sticker.

Whoever planned the attacks wanted white peoples to hate black peoples. It’s natural to hate someone who comes in and burns businesses to the ground all the while laughing while they destroy lives and homes and one’s sense of security.

These black and white people must have all come from money to get away with committing violent crimes without being charged for any of it. The hypocrisy of it all stung the world.

The attackers validated the stereotypes of black people being violent thieves destroying and taking that which didn’t belong to them, even when they have more than others.

Judging by their attire they weren’t wanting for the material world; they just get off on taking from others what isn’t theirs, burning what they leave behind then skipping all the way home to a safe bed.

No, the planners of these attacks wanted White to hate Black so they can be forever exploited.

Blacks are the war mongers here, not Whites.

Frankly, after the latest city burnings I don’t want to be around a bunch of people who force their violent uncivilized ways onto me, as their normal, that I have to accept. I will never accept violence as being an acceptable strategy for change, no matter the race or ethnicity.

All they succeeded in doing was driving this white woman away from them for their hatred of anything white. People who have more than I do to relentlessly try to scam me out of the little I do have are not people I would ever again consider friends.

Forcing someone to fight for their cause who isn’t a fighter is like forcing a dog to fight who doesn’t want to; it’s just plain perverse.

When they see white peoples they see dollar signs not human beings. They lied when they said ‘see them feel them’. I did that my whole life and they still hated me. Even when I gave money they wanted more.

My life is for me not them.

I’m not giving black people any more of my time. They took too much for too long. Their leaning, aggressive behavior never ends.

The real racism is coming from the black communities around the world. Blacks openly encourage other blacks to hate white people. It is expected in their culture and those who don’t want to participate have to hide it or suffer the consequences of censure and the loss of privileges.

I’m going to focus on the white race. They’re the ones being oppressed now.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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