Most light-skinned people are multi-ethnic, which makes them more accepting of other ethnicities, which gives them an advantage over people who claim only one ethnicity or race.

It also can create ethnic confusion or racial confusion when each ethnicity or race claims superiority over all others, which is always the case.

Those who claim their ethnicity or race to be inferior to others are exploiting it to gain pity with the hopes that preferential treatment will raise them up higher than the others.

Equal treatment has nothing to do with it. Everyone wants to surpass everyone else.

It’s human nature to want to be at the front of the line or to want to get the best seats or grades or make the finest food or sing or jump or run or outperform others.

Pretending it doesn’t matter is a lie told by those who don’t want to dedicate the time and energy to excel. They want something for nothing handed to them and when they don’t get it the leaders of slackers are adept at organizing a hell on earth against those who can’t give you talent or the motivation and sustained effort it takes to develop it.

Get rich schemers abound all through Africa, by Africans reaching out across worlds with sob stories to pull open the purse strings of anyone with light-colored skin who can feel and see their living conditions. Not once have I seen a solution offered beyond immediate cash to remedy their dire situation. They want a bunch of dollars now and the consequences to your well-being are made clear if you don’t comply.

Singular-ethnic people rarely if ever get targeted. In fact, it is usually the singular-ethnic who makes the greatest demands of the multi-ethnic people.

Maybe a starting solution to multi vs singular ethnicities is for the singular people to make friends not prospective business partners with every multi-ethnic they meet. The multi people have already done that for centuries and it led only to being exploited by the singulars.

It’s time for the singulars to offer something of value to the relationship instead of simply demanding or taking.

Your singularity has put you at a disadvantage. You can step out beyond it by becoming multi-ethnic in your world view through your mind if not your DNA. The mind is as powerful as your genetics if you allow it to be. Only you hold the key to opening your world to everybody else’s experience.

Know yourself better than anyone, so there are no surprises that land you in a bad place and you will begin knowing not just every other human as an individual, but every other creature as being as worthy as you.

Sinking into pity mode because it isn’t happening fast enough shows you put value on consumerism rather than knowledge of yourself.

Stop and think, if you don’t know yourself, how and why would you expect anyone else to know you, to see you, to feel you?

Be honest. You want them to do rule your life by giving you the tools, when you have no desire to use those tools. Asking somebody else to build you up is giving away your power. You might get rich but when you get there you realize you didn’t do it, somebody else did it for you.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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