I Wasn’t There. George Floyd.


It’s not my place to decide who is guilty and who is not. I’m not on the jury.

Unless I was there when he died and up to it and I wasn’t.

But even then, with so much chaos created by one person being apprehended, there were many vantage points and no one was there for all of them, except the person who died. And when impaired, all of that becomes untrustworthy – or not.

Shoulda’ done this should’a done that. Everybody including the one who died shoulda’ done something differently to determine an outcome that didn’t result in death.

All I know is that no police officer in front of all those people would have purposely murdered someone under their control.

Being heavy or obese.

Being asthmatic.

Being belligerent.

Being drugged. Being hysterical.

Resisting arrest.

Having a criminal mindset based on prior arrests.


How does one know if someone has asthma? Where was his inhaler?

If we’re going to assume that all large or obese black people have asthma, then adjustments need to be made in how a person is subdued who resists arrest.

Why would he resist?

Why aren’t there more drug rehab units in all areas where drugs are commonly sold and used? Open 24/7.

Alcoholics Anonymous has become a dumping ground for addicts. There needs to be something new, different, that makes people want to attend. It’s outdated. Most people who attend still drink and drug, so what’s the point?

With all the science capability the world can’t devise something that works faster than talk therapy, where they tell the same story every time they attend and hear the same stories from everybody else over and over again? What’s the point, when they leave they head for the nearest bar?

These aren’t young kids. Middle aged men should know to set a better example for the youth, especially when working in a religious community. But they don’t. And it isn’t a crime. But religion isn’t going to cure an addict either.

Addicts are the problem. Hard drugs. To me, alcohol becomes a hard drug if you’re addicted to it. Drugs that make people feel super human and when they come down super motivated to get back up again are scary.

There are no innocents here. Everybody failed to protect somebody. George Floyd failed to protect himself. A forty-six year old man? He had a lot going for him throughout his life and shit on all of it. Addicts do that.

I read an article that seemed to want to get the facts straight while inserting a lot of opinion. For instance what difference does it make if when Loyd and five other grown men enter a house by force to rob people who are home, looking for drugs and money, if the woman was pregnant?

Would she be less scared, terrified? No. It doesn’t matter. But it’s used to lighten the impact on someone reading it – it wasn’t so-o-o bad. That crime isn’t even the one in question. The one in question is passing a counterfeit bill at a store.

Because he wasn’t high-high on meth like he just took it, but had several harmful drugs in his body that were a “significant factor in his death”, it gets minimized as not very important.

You see, I think it’s all important. Can society exonerate someone because they were under the influence of drugs, whether going up, or being as high as the drugs allow, or coming down – what’s the difference there? Should there be one?

The fact that it was an issue to the writer of the article, trying to poke holes in what was written in police and court documents by telling the truth, but with her own opinions inserted on how black people are perceived by white people, when she doesn’t really know how white people perceive anyone or any situation. The most they can do is guess.

Six large black men forced their way into a family home to rob them of drugs and money with a gun, and when the report claimed the white person called them black scary dudes, that was proof of their racism and the way they viewed black people – as criminals, so indicates Jessica Lee.

Well why wouldn’t the person say they were scary? I don’t follow the scary vs not scary logic. They were black. What was the family supposed to say, that they didn’t notice their skin color? That’s a characteristic that people notice in others along with their gender and size. It’s human nature. When you register to vote you have to give your skin color, but commit a crime and ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ suddenly comes into play?

Firstly, black people want you to fear them. Then when they do, the blacks call the whites racist for being fearful.

Secondly, six black men robbing a white family by gun point in their home would be scary.

Thirdly, do you think a black family robbed at gun point by six large white men looking for drugs and money wouldn’t notice their race, and would invite them in for tea and when asked by or reporting it to the police wouldn’t give their race?

Read the article. It points out facts, but the way they’re interpreted is based on how white people view black people as explained by a black person.

Black people don’t know how white people think. They monopolize the conversation when it comes up, so the only view is their’s. They evidently think they already know how white people think, and it’s always negative, never positive, never like black people think. Why wouldn’t races think alike in many areas? Most areas.

If they really want to know how a white person thinks, then they need to stop destroying their answers when they do speak and beating them up all over social media for their honest views.

It’s dictatorial and discriminatory that black people give white people their views, without asking them what they think. It’s a lie. And since the writer of that article wanted to expose lies regarding Floyd in an article that interested me, I inadvertently uncovered the largest lie of all.

Black people do not know what white people think, otherwise they wouldn’t all the time be guessing what they think.

White people on the other hand do know what black people want them to think about themselves and their race, because they’re always telling you what they think. But that’s on T.V. and social media. Every time a white person speaks out and it doesn’t conform to the black agenda, that person is automatically labeled a racist. They’re beaten up and down all over social media en masse.

Nobody calls them out on it, or if they do, they get the same beating. So fear keeps their voices largely silent out of a fear of being burned – in one way or another.

There is no such thing as a conversation going on between the black and white races. It’s only black voices.

That fear is real and black people exploit it to their benefit. The exploitation of white people needs to stop before a lasting peace can be achieved.

With a body builder physique at six feet four inches, the knee to the neck action taken on George Floyd may be as simple as someone trying to hold him down, not trying to squeeze the life out of him. He, obvious to the eye, was a strong, muscular guy. The officers appear small in comparison. I don’t have the stats for the responding officers.

What was he screaming about? A forty-six year old man crying to a bystander to help him? Why would he think that could happen, when they already had him in cuffs?

I think the question was should a person’s past criminal history be important to anything really? To an arresting officer, the more knowledge the better? He was convicted of a violent crime. That puts the officer’s guard up – maybe further than it normally would have been. Six grown men of any race breaking into somebody’s house while someone is there or not is violent. Maybe he’ll be violent this time, maybe not. Who’s going to take a chance?

Nobody knows ahead of time what drugs they’re on or not.

  • Maybe black people don’t think it was violent because no one got killed. Anything leading up to death absent the death is non-violent to black people, which could explain how the riots burning cities, destroying lives and property around the country came to be known as non-violent by the black population in the USA.
  • That’s a major difference between black and white people right there – what they perceive as violent. It would be interesting if when the tables are turned if they perceive violence the same way.
  • The officers appear to have spent a long time with this guy, long enough for him to settle down, but he didn’t. Why not? This wasn’t his first rodeo.

I think George Floyd was in such a low, desperate state of mind that he’d rather die than go back to prison. He knew how to do it. Suicide by cop.

I believe drugs put him into that state of mind. The drugs give you hope, then the drugs take that hope away as they exit the body.

Long after his death George Floyd continues to instill fear into the minds of white people by acting through the entire black race rising up in violence against those who didn’t understand him. They burned a lot of cities for him, ruined a lot of lives for him, set race relations back a century.

That’s how I predict George Floyd will be remembered – the aftermath – the riots – inflicting pain onto millions of people. I’ll bet most of those rioting were on the same drugs he was on.


The question of past arrests often surfaces among people who want to rationalize police officers’ actions when Black men are killed in custody.

Source: Background Check: Investigating George Floyd’s Criminal Record | Snopes.com


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