Dismembering Fetuses For Body Parts


10- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, will not take a stand against abortion dismemberment while still attached to the mother without anesthesia and the procurement and subsequent use of body parts for research.

  • It shouldn’t surprise me, since they support capital punishment.
  • However, do they take the organs of the person being executed while still alive without anesthesia to be used for research purposes? Or do they make them brain dead first and what’s that process?
  • I think not. Not unless the person being executed gave written permission. I don’t know if that’s ever been done.
  • In China they take the organs. I don’t know if permission is required. Probably not, if it’s not required to be executed.
  • Where do they do this? In public view, or do they execute prisoners in hospital operating rooms?
  • So whose permission do we get to take the organs of a fetus while still attached to the mother? The mother and/or father I suppose.
  • How about once the umbilical cord is cut? It should be the baby’s decision and no one can get that. So leave the organs alone. They do not belong to the general population nor to research labs.
  • It looks increasingly like we need aborted fetuses for research purposes, so of course we would need to encourage abortion.
  • What happened to stem cell research using cells from living human adults? Too easy? Not pure enough like the cells of a fetus that have never been outside the environment of the mother? What’s to say the mother’s environment was so pure? Isn’t it the blood of the mother running through that umbilical cord nourishing that fetus?
  • The fetus has rights once it’s disconnected from the mother. Unless the fetus or baby signs an organ donor card, leave it alone. While connected it’s a part of the mother, thus the mother decides. How many mothers would actually consent to having their babies ripped apart for research labs? Are they told in advance? This needs to be investigated.
  • Since the fetus can’t decide once it’s disconnected, then there is no one on earth who should have the power to decide to tear a fetus or baby from limb to limb for research purposes or any other purpose.
  • What the mother does with her body is her own business. Once separated the fetus belongs to itself.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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