Forced Labor – Background • Forced Labor 1939 – 1945

Nazi Forced Labor – Background Information Nazi Germany created one of the largest forced labor systems in history: Over twenty million foreign civilian workers, concentration camp prisoners and prisoners of war from all of the occupied countries were required to perform forced labor in Germany in the course of the Second World War. At theContinue reading “Forced Labor – Background • Forced Labor 1939 – 1945”


Fulfilling The Prophecy

Fulfilling The Prophecy If you keep telling the world that the virus is targeting old people, the younger people will believe that nature is culling the herd and will seek subconsciously to fulfill that prophecy. Better the old people die if the world population needs to be lowered because of overpopulation, rather than the youngContinue reading “Fulfilling The Prophecy”

McDonald’s Convert to Animal-Free Plant-Based Globally

Open up the slaughterhouses. What, the electrical barbed wire fence is to keep the cows from jumping the fence? Wake up! It’s to keep you from seeing the horror inside, because if you did, you’d shut them all down. You’d find something better to eat. McDonald’s has many options, one of which is to convertContinue reading “McDonald’s Convert to Animal-Free Plant-Based Globally”

They’re Dancing For You

God says the best way to mourn the loss of a loved one is in any way that honors your own life. That will make them happy to see you happy. Your loved ones who have passed to the other side, do not want you perpetually pining for them. They are with you; you justContinue reading “They’re Dancing For You”

I’m Having A LateLife Crisis

I’m having a latelife crisis. I never did get to do whatever one does when they say they’re having or are in the middle of a midlife crisis. I often wondered what that would be or look like for me. Well it never happened and frankly I was too busy to think much about it.Continue reading “I’m Having A LateLife Crisis”

Valid Corona/COVID Carrier Question

I wonder if the corona/COVID-19 vaccine will cure people who are carriers of corona/COVID-19 virus? Injecting them with antibodies might help to fight the virus they have in their system of which they are unaware. That’s a good reason to get everybody tested, whether they have symptoms or not.

We’re Giving Away Baby Body Parts. Is Nothing Sacred?

LIVE ABORTION DISMEMBERMENT IS TORTURE We’re Giving Away Baby Body Parts. Is Nothing Sacred? Stealing body parts before killing a fetus is not the same as abortion, thus abortion laws do not cover current practices of dismemberment for theft purposes before the baby is killed by cutting the umbilical cord. No mother of sane mindContinue reading “We’re Giving Away Baby Body Parts. Is Nothing Sacred?”

Scar Tissue And CoronaCovid

SCAR TISSUE CAUSED by healed areas of inflammation of CORONACOVID If CORONACOVID can cause inflammation in the lung that leaves scar tissue, then why wouldn’t it do the same with other membranes of the body organs? Stomach lining, arteries, veins, blood vessels, bladder, uterus etc.? How does scar tissue in the stomach and intestines affectContinue reading “Scar Tissue And CoronaCovid”

How Many Roman Jews Are There In Palestine?

All those Romans roaming Judea and no Roman Jews survived to tell about it? If Jesus really was a Jew, then the Vatican would be in Jerusalem, not Rome. Why do Middle Eastern Jews deny their Roman ancestry? Ever wonder why Jews don’t like Italians? Most of the Jews occupying Palestine are transplanted from otherContinue reading “How Many Roman Jews Are There In Palestine?”

CRISPR tomatoes

HWH: Do we really need to be sedated by eating tomatoes? How many other fruits and vegetables have this sedating quality? Feeling sleepy? Maybe it’s the food you ate? Do consumers have the right to know when they’re being sedated by their food? Danger lurks. Should people on blood pressure lowering drugs not eat tomatoes?Continue reading “CRISPR tomatoes”

Can Homosexuality Be Reversed?

GAYS BROUGHT ON THE AMBIGUITY THEMSELVES Many gays think they can flip straight people. In fact they are forever trolling straight bars for fresh straight meat. Go ahead ask them; make them tell you they don’t. Even Don Lemon claimed the straight guy he sexually humiliated in a bar wanted him to do it. That’sContinue reading “Can Homosexuality Be Reversed?”

Cancel Culture Of Sexual Mutilation

BEING KICKED IN THE TEETH CAUSES CHAOS 12-As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, In the CANCEL CULTURE movement, those cancelling cultures are only cancelling white people’s cultures, not everybody’s cultures. Not the bad, the very bad and the horrific. Take away advances of white culture that applied toContinue reading “Cancel Culture Of Sexual Mutilation”

It’s About Developing An Aversion

BEING KICKED IN THE TEETH CAUSES CHAOS 11- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, endorsed a plan by Antifa – a terror organization – to undermine the USA government by implementing TERROR TACTICS to turn the stomachs of one race against another race, creating a forever RACIAL NAUSEAContinue reading “It’s About Developing An Aversion”