It’s About Developing An Aversion


11- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, endorsed a plan by Antifa – a terror organization – to undermine the USA government by implementing TERROR TACTICS to turn the stomachs of one race against another race, creating a forever RACIAL NAUSEA as the foundation of We The People Of The United States Of America and the USA government.

They endorsed the plan by encouraging the methods used to create the aversion. They endorsed the plan by not blocking the plan. They endorsed the plan by punishing the targets on behalf of Antifa, thereby endorsing chaos under the roof of everybody’s castle.

A terror organization mattered more to the party I endorsed my whole life than ‘we the people’ who made and continue to make this admittedly flawed nation as great as it is. That’s why the whole world wants to live in America – because we don’t allow terror groups to survive and thrive while terrorizing the citizens and occupants into silence and submission. That’s why they flee.

We’re more civilized than that, or so I thought.

Antifa might as well be a cartel operating above ground in full view to terrorize a nation into silence and submission. Turn one against the other. Soften them up through terror, then take the country.

Remember this: When people feel sick, they don’t feel like doing anything else except be sick. Nothing matters. Whatever they do and wherever they go, they put out mental stop signs that say ‘don’t bother me’.

It’s About Developing An Aversion

The reason Antifa followers call you a racist against black people is so you’ll develop an aversion to black people. That’s the result, like it or not.

The unintended consequence is that you’ll develop an aversion to all races except white, since the color white is not included in people of color – only black, brown, yellow and red are in the people of color category.

However, black and brown are usually what people mean when using the phrase people of color (poc/cop) and what black and brown people think when hearing or reading it.

At least ninety(?) percent of black people are actually shades of brown, yet they claim brown means Hispanic, not black, which means black Africans don’t really want to share their category with anyone but themselves.

India and Pakistan think ‘brown’ means them. It’s not all that clear if Indians and Pakistanis want to be in the same category as Mexicans and Island people(?), although Spaniards living in Spain do not call themselves brown, like the Spaniards who conquered America South Of The Border. How about the Arabs? Are they brown too?

Did anyone think to ask the Hispanics-Indians-Pakistanis if they wanted to be assigned the color Brown? Who assigned the color? Blacks heard it in a movie?? Then CIA Hollywood is responsible?

Spain colonized the entire continent of South America, except Brazil which went to Portugal, including Mexico, Central America, Latin America. Unlike the British, who eventually left the countries they colonized, thereby restoring independence to the countries they occupied, the Spanish conquered, stayed and mated with the Native indigenous people – turning them brown?

So yellow, white and red remain untouched by people of color designation, yet the blacks and browns speak of white privilege – all whites – which means somebody had to give them that title. Oriental Asians, European whites and American indigenous aren’t included in people of color. Black Africans used to be called colored people, but they now claim using the phrase colored people is racist too.

How about the indigenous in other nations, are they considered red too, or is it just in North America? Did anybody ask? Don’t you think somebody should, since we’re waist deep in a color war – all because the people who designated color as racial, discriminated against some colors and falsely elevated, in title only, people of other colors? It’s like getting a promotion via a change in your job title instead of a raise. You do the same job with a prestigious title with no benefits. Who thought up that strategy?

  • Did you know that some black people put dark make-up on their faces and bodies to make them look much darker than they are? Some Hispanics do too. Why? I’ve seen three people with make-up on, then make-up off and what a difference a bit of make-up makes. You don’t recognize the person, even if it’s in the same environment. Outside a familiar environment you won’t recognize them at all. Unless they talk, and even then you’re not sure. It really does change a person’s looks. Maybe they’re hiding their identity. I wonder where you buy it?
  • Yeah, Blacks wear blackface. And some Hispanics too.
  • Who woulda’ thought?

The people using the shotgun approach by accusing everybody of being racist for criticizing another race or not liking or loving them enough, expose themselves as the real racists by their own design.

So white black brown Antifa supplicants lay-in-waiting to be triggered by the big white Antifa gun turning non-racist white European people against black African people by terrorizing them with AVERSION TACTICS:

  • Public humiliation for mentioning black people, or sharing your view to widen the conversation that isn’t happening except by Hollywood Media actors who take the black-brown side over the white side, which is a blatant discrimination, that they claim they’re rooting out. Ever notice how black people keep saying on T.V. that all they want is a conversation, then when it happens they torture the ones with a view different than theirs?
  • The ruining of lucrative careers, getting people with families fired and laughing about it, applauding and smiling as their actions say LET’S GET EVEN, stifling employment, educational and business opportunities by contacting prospective employers, educational institutions and companies to blacklist, thus slander white people on behalf of black people, threats to White Lives families, friends, associates, burning cities, mob justice for criminals and the list keeps growing…criticize a black person or black people for what they’re doing that you find offensive and it becomes labeled as hate; they they riot until the government turns it into a crime and you the criminal.

So what, you have the right to hate being terrorized. Stand up for that right.

The only short and long term effect that any or all of these TERROR TACTICS have on white people is AVERSION TO BLACK PEOPLE.

Antifa in other words is a white supremacy group designed to look multi-racial, that primarily uses white, but also black and brown supplicants to instill a fear that’s so big into the minds of non-racist white people that it turns the stomach, blinds the eye, thus the mind away from and against anything black African connected.

If you thought you mattered, now you don’t exist in the minds of those on whom AVERSION TERRORISM was used.

My only question is why could you not see that?

Americans don’t talk in terms of fascism or kingdoms or socialism. Americans don’t really even know much about communism except that the USA government expects them to hate Russians. Those are European constructs bred in Europe not America.

There’s a big blind spot in America regarding governing styles. Everybody wants a vote; that’s about it. Yeah, and get the job done. Americans aren’t interested in overthrowing their own governments like so many other countries. It’s the people who come to America with COUP agendas, only because they lived in coup-friendly places, that cause political unrest. Now they get to have it their way. And wars do that too, when there’s a draft in place. No draft means no anti-war protests. They learned, which means they can.

Terrorizing white people all over the globe using AVERSION TACTICS to turn them against an entire race of black people begs to be stopped before it gets much much worse. That fence the world has been siting on for so long is going to blow us off the planet. MUCHO GRANDE.

As every intelligence agency and military in the world knows, it takes a long time to wash that aversion away. That it was systematically calculated and instituted makes it all the more dangerous.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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