Cancel Culture Of Sexual Mutilation


12-As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting,

In the CANCEL CULTURE movement, those cancelling cultures are only cancelling white people’s cultures, not everybody’s cultures. Not the bad, the very bad and the horrific.

Take away advances of white culture that applied to all cultures living within the USA and we’ll be back to the wild west where women and children had no rights. Gays couldn’t marry. Heck, congress even considered legalizing sexual mutilation of young girls, something I first read about while taking a sociology course in Hawaii.

I was stunned beyond stunned that such a grotesque procedure, violating a child’s body, digging out the body part responsible for sexual pleasure was happening in far away places in remote jungles in the 1980s. What???

And here it is 2021 and before congress is a bill make it legal the USA, but it’s already here; it’s already done in Muslim communities, mothers and fathers and doctors castrating young girls so they never experience sexual pleasure or release. It’s evil. Desexualizing young girls/women is evil.

Muslim men, black African men are intimidated by the sexuality of women. Why do you think women have to cover their hair? It’s too sexual to men. So cover it. Why? Muslim men can’t control their impulses? Because it triggers Muslim and Arab men into rape. Black and brown people. Are white people doing it too? There’s no turning back.

It’s not the same as circumcision where they remove a piece of skin from a baby, leaving everything else in original working order. Those who liken it to circumcision are the doctors thinking ahead to all the money they can make.

That’s where this road leads. Right after birth, when the baby goes to the nursery, the doctor shows up for a circumcision if it’s a boy and the removal of the clitoris, the sexual organ responsible for orgasm, if it’s a girl.

Detroit, Michigan, a big offender of child and women rights. Don’t move to Michigan. How does Michigan get away with it? Where are all the cancel culture people? They’re too cowardly to take on the big issues?

Some Muslim women say they like it – that’s always the excuse; let one woman agree and she suddenly speaks for all women and children. The women who agree are just as guilty as the men who desexualize young girls through removal of the clitoris.

But oh no, we won’t go that far. They already have. They already do it. And no they don’t all go back to their country of origin to have it done. Who could afford it? Guess most of them can. they can.

Oh, we just want to do a pinprick. That will satisfy us. No it won’t. Otherwise you wouldn’t fight so hard to legalize sexual mutilation of young girls. Who’s in the doctor’s office when it happens? Who will tell authorities and what authority would they go to, when both parents want it done? Guess Mom never has to worry about Dad wanting to have sex with their daughters. Is that a by-product or a deterrent? Girls can still get pregnant, but they can’t achieve sexual gratification.

What’s troubling is that lawyers wrote up a bill and presented it to congress. Congress shouldn’t have accepted it for consideration. That was a huge mistake. The political will and religious will to desexualize all Muslim women and for the government to legally sanction it into law is beyond the realm of reason. Where are we living? Really. In the land of the free?

Does this include all young girls or only Muslim young girls? If it’s only Muslim girls, then that’s discriminatory. Why in a country that separates church from state, should the state be making decisions based on Muslim religious rituals, that aren’t, by the way, written in the Koran. But it doesn’t matter. Children’s rights supersede religious doctrine.

Religions are the cause of child suffering around the globe. While we’re at it, maybe we should also legalize the molestation of children by religious figures.

No child should be subjected to desexualization by sexual mutilation – ever. How common is it for a grown woman to apply for sexual decapitation? Perhaps somebody who is being coerced by a man or somebody who is mentally ill might do that. There’s a reason they do it to children. Because a child has no power over their own body.

Where does the gay community stand on this issue? Haven’t heard from them? Everybody fights for their rights, but they don’t speak up on behalf of others. That’s selfish.

Maybe while removing the sexual organ, they ought to remove part of the brain, because Muslims clearly don’t like smart, sexual women. They’re threatened by them, so need to mutilate them to control their own urges.

It’s sick; it’s evil and congress needs to write laws that protect all children from any form of religious or non-religious desexualization via sexual mutilation.

To all doctors or witch doctors be forewarned: KEEP YOUR INSTRUMENTS AWAY FROM YOUNG GIRLS BODY PARTS.


You see, the Muslims scared the lawmakers saying they’d have to go back to where they left and the procedure would be without anesthesia and done with dirty hands and equipment, so it’s better to do it here, so we don’t have to subject our precious girls to that uncleanliness and risk of infection.

Yeah right. Congress actually ate that crap.

Okay, boys and girls: This is the type of culture you cancel. Actual harm being done and rights obliterated from children who have no voice. Tearing down statues doesn’t help anyone. Work on the real elements of culture that are happening now that are doing damage. In absence of violence.

Muslim men who support desexualization of women can’t control their own sexual impulse, so they gouge out the clitoris of a young girl with a sharpened stone while onlookers hoot and holler and dance in the night around a fire. It’s a celebration of imposed deformity that will last a lifetime.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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