Can Homosexuality Be Reversed?


Many gays think they can flip straight people. In fact they are forever trolling straight bars for fresh straight meat.

Go ahead ask them; make them tell you they don’t. Even Don Lemon claimed the straight guy he sexually humiliated in a bar wanted him to do it.

That’s where some Christian groups get the idea that homosexuality can be reversed.

They got it from the gays themselves.

When gays seek fresh straight meat for the pleasure of conversion, they step into predator territory knowing in advance how their victims will suffer.

Many of those they seek to convert are heterosexually married or have status jobs that should this information be revealed by the predator, their lives and careers would be in chaos.

Many such predators derive pleasure by shaming their victims as they hold them psychologically hostage for their personal pleasure.

Transgenders do the same thing. They don’t seek out other transpeople. They seek out straight people to convert.

Yeah, so blame yourselves for the Christians thinking that gay people can be flipped/converted to straight.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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