Scar Tissue And CoronaCovid

SCAR TISSUE CAUSED by healed areas of inflammation of CORONACOVID

If CORONACOVID can cause inflammation in the lung that leaves scar tissue, then why wouldn’t it do the same with other membranes of the body organs? Stomach lining, arteries, veins, blood vessels, bladder, uterus etc.?

How does scar tissue in the stomach and intestines affect how they perform?

Why did scientists and researchers drop the ball at the lung door? Insurance companies told them to focus on only one organ?

  • Insurance companies do that. They focus on the most prominent ailment and ignore the others. Even if the others are equally prominent a choice must be made. It’s a form of rationing healthcare that’s done to everyone, no matter how good the insurance coverage.

If CORONACOVID adversely effects all organs of the body via inflammation, then forms scar tissue when the inflammation heals, how does that scar tissue effect the functionality of those organs?

I already know that it depends on degree (depth and breadth) and location of the scars.

If the resulting lesions created by the inflammation go untreated because they’re unseen and doctors aren’t trained to recognize symptoms of individual organ inflammation until it’s massive, can those lesions become canyons, poking holes into the organ and surrounding tissues?

How does one treat a scar?

What would those unhealed lesions look like? Are autopsies being done on deceased CORONACOVID victims? Are the coroners even looking for them?

In COVID lung cases does the cilia grow back – those little hair-like fibers that help push mucous and particulate up and out of the lungs? How about COVID arteries, COVID heart, COVID liver, COVID stomach, COVID bladder, COVID brain and on and on. How does the scar tissue on those membranes effect their functioning?

Scar tissue on the outside of the body does not act the same as unscarred tissue. How is it different on the inside of the body? Does it cause a loss of flexibility in the tissues as it does on the outside of the body? What else does it cause? Does it interfere with the functioning of sphincters and valves? How about glands?

Why the increase is sepsis cases? If sepsis is an extreme response to an infection, why couldn’t it be an extreme response to a virus? Or the result of a long term response.

If people are continually being exposed to coronacovid, and the body is in a perpetual state of defending itself, will the body finally tire of the response and shut it all down?

If the body becomes immune via antibodies and vaccines, then why does the body still have to fight the virus as it enters? What, if anything, will make the virus not want to enter a body?

If the body is continually engaged in a war, wouldn’t the body become war-weary?


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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