I’m Having A LateLife Crisis

I’m having a latelife crisis.

I never did get to do whatever one does when they say they’re having or are in the middle of a midlife crisis. I often wondered what that would be or look like for me.

Well it never happened and frankly I was too busy to think much about it.

Those middle years are long gone.

Now that I’ve been told by the USA government and every other government in the world, that a virus has surfaced with a peculiar design that targets and maims or kills old humans, one must wonder to whose benefit – Cui Bono?

As a result of that knowledge and having been invaded by said virus I am definitely in a latelife crisis.

Yeah, so watch out. I don’t think I’l be buying a red convertible any time soon. It would have to come with a driver. One I could trust.

With Black Lives Terrorists taking over the planet using acts of terrorism to achieve silence and submission from their enemies – anyone white – while using white Uncle Toms as their hit people, one can’t trust anybody.

So, I’ll have to think about this LateLife crisis and how it’s going to look on me. I am definitely in one though. I suspect that I’m not alone.

Be careful what you say and how you treat old people. Something or somebody designed a virus to kill them – in masses – that’s what they’ve been told all day, all night every day, every night for over a year.

On top of that, you rationed their healthcare, turned off their heat, rationed their water, raised the prices on groceries and medicine, and rather than help them you tell them to stay in their apartments so everybody else can go about life and business as usual.

You leperized seniors. You treat them like their natural carriers of the virus, when in fact it’s the younger people who won’t distance or wear protective masks who are transmitting the virus to them.

You better start thinking about how you treat old people with disrespect and disregard, like the only ones who matter and worth saving on this planet are young people and black people. You set up that prejudicial and discriminatory system by infiltrating everyone’s mind with hurtful rhetoric. Now it’s your job to fix it.

Don’t use old people to save money or as guinea pigs, because they’re dying anyway. That would be a huge mistake.

Since this virus attacks old people in every country it could be deduced that it was purposely designed to kill off old people who are a financial drain on every country. Well, so are young people and black people a financial drain, but you don’t hear anybody talking about killing them off.

Don’t piss us off.

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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