USA Symbolically Wages War Against Palestine

President Joseph Biden is allowing Israel to determine USA strategy in the Jewish war against Palestinians. The USA is not at war with Palestine. Yet, that is exactly how they’re acting. When is the USA going to make it’s own policy, instead of being the hitman for the Jews in the Middle East? Stop usingContinue reading “USA Symbolically Wages War Against Palestine”


Tomorrow’s Biggest Microbial Threats – Scientific American

Tomorrow’s Biggest Microbial Threats Health experts around the world are focused on SARS-CoV-2, but similar viruses and microbial organisms such as bacteria could create the next global killer By Mike May, Nature Medicine on May 13, 2021 Tomorrow’s Biggest Microbial Threats Credit: Marina Spence Nature Medicine In the midst of the winter rampage of COVID-19—withContinue reading “Tomorrow’s Biggest Microbial Threats – Scientific American”

First Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released in U.S. Are Hatching Now – Scientific American

First Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released in U.S. Are Hatching Now As Aedes aegypti mosquitoes increase their range because of warming climate, genetic manipulation of the disease-carrying species could gain wider appeal By Donavyn Coffey on May 14, 2021 First Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released in U.S. Are Hatching Now This week, mosquito eggs placed in theContinue reading “First Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released in U.S. Are Hatching Now – Scientific American”

We Are the Aliens – Scientific American

We Are the Aliens On a geological timescale, the emergence of the human “dataome” is like a sudden invasion by extraterrestrials, or an asteroid impact that precipitates a mass extinction By Caleb A. Scharf on May 13, 2021 We Are the Aliens Credit: Caleb Scharf Something very old, very powerful and very special has beenContinue reading “We Are the Aliens – Scientific American”

Yes That’s Right; you heard it here first

I put my family before your family. That’s part of human nature that the black Africans and the white British writers want to deny all white peoples. They want white people to treat black people like family, when black people don’t reciprocate. I don’t consider likeminded or same colored or same ethnicity peoples my family.Continue reading “Yes That’s Right; you heard it here first”

The Greatest Civilization

If the greatest civilization on earth enslaved, tortured and slaughtered animals for their pleasure or feigned necessity it was and is not great. There are no great civilizations. Not yet. Can a people call themselves civilized while participating in GRUE? No. It’s a lie perpetuated by states and religions. new

Different Reads For Different Breeds

Many people repeat what they read and stand by it no matter what. Others seek to figure out what they read and are flexible in their conclusions. I am the latter breed of animal. Stand by what somebody else says or draw your own conclusions until new information is revealed? Which are you? new

Some Diet Advice

FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET IT’S GOING TO END UP THERE ANYWAY – if you eat it. That will train you to make and eat less, thus lose the weight you didn’t want anyway. No one in China is going without food because you eat too much. Every country takes care of their own foodContinue reading “Some Diet Advice”

New Blood Analyzer Tells Human from Animal Samples on the Spot – Scientific American

HWH: The title suggests that humans are not animals. Surprising coming from a science magazine. Why necessary? If human animal blood, worry. If other than human animal blood, not to worry. It should have written, New Blood Analyzer Detects human animal from other animal samples on the Spot. ARTICLE: New Blood Analyzer Tells Human fromContinue reading “New Blood Analyzer Tells Human from Animal Samples on the Spot – Scientific American”

CDC Presents Incentive To Vaccinate

Fully vaccinated people can shed their masks, except on public transportation, according to the CDC and presented by Center for Disease Control director Rochelle Walensky. Thus, if I see a person without a mask I should assume that they are fully vaccinated. They may not be vaccinated and/or may be carriers of COVID and notContinue reading “CDC Presents Incentive To Vaccinate”

Astronomers Find Circular Rings Unusual In The Sky

HWH Commentary: As “Circular Rings” they describe them to the world. How redundant is that? You’re supposed to be the ultimate IN science of the universe people and you say in a title – circular rings? A ring is circular. Mysterious? The universe is made of arcs. Arcs are circular. What’s so mysterious about that?Continue reading “Astronomers Find Circular Rings Unusual In The Sky”

Being Wrong Is Normal

EATING ANIMALS ISN’T NATURAL ONLY YOU CAN END THE SUFFERING There’s too much suffering on the planet and it’s not coming from humans. It’s coming from all the other animals that humans exploit. Only you can end the suffering by what you choose to do day to day. Stop eating animals and the rich peopleContinue reading “Being Wrong Is Normal”

Unarmed Means Not Dangerous

Only black Africans think unarmed people aren’t dangerous. Oh, and British media writers. Oh, and Madison Avenue. To be considered dangerous one needs to be carrying a gun. So, Madison Avenue (Ad Agencies), British writers and unarmed people make law enforcement policy in the USA. Yeah, so to all the prospective and potential lawbreakers inContinue reading “Unarmed Means Not Dangerous”

Freedom In A Cage

Yes I lived in prison. My home was in a cage. I made it into my comfort, So the blinds couldn’t see me. Bars I understand better than blinds. Blinds had too many unanswered questions, And they were always looking for something. Bars answer them all. I prefer certainty over uncertainty. Decisions are made forContinue reading “Freedom In A Cage”

Correct The Institution Not The Individual

Stop trying to standardize racism. You’re missing the mark on all points. If everyone is racist, then stop targeting individuals and groups for punishment. It’s prejudical and discriminatory. Repeating history doesn’t fix the future. When you standardize racism, you accept it as science, but it fits no one. Stop trying to legislate feelings. Address theContinue reading “Correct The Institution Not The Individual”