Being Wrong Is Normal



There’s too much suffering on the planet and it’s not coming from humans.

It’s coming from all the other animals that humans exploit.

Only you can end the suffering by what you choose to do day to day.

Stop eating animals and the rich people will find another way to make money off of what you eat.

There’s more money in plants than animals. They’re just too blinded by greed to see.

Show them who’s boss. Refuse to eat that animal they say they raised and slaughtered just for you.

You get that? Just for you they did all that.

What happened to the Christians?

Wine is my blood and bread is my flesh to all the cannibals and carnivores.

Yeah, and the kids get the juice from the grapes before it’s fermented.

The baby drinks the mother’s milk and is then weaned. The baby doesn’t kill the mother to eat her flesh and doesn’t enslave the mother forever pregnant to supply the rest of the world’s children with her milk.

Get that?


Natural doesn’t mean you’ve always done it.

That ‘always done it‘ excuse falls under the category of ‘normal’, not ‘natural’.

When a lot or most people engage in an activity it becomes normal. But normal isn’t right – just as the majority isn’t always right.

  • In fact, the majority thinks forty-nine percent of people are wrong all the time. That’s a lot. One could say that being wrong is normal.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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