CDC Presents Incentive To Vaccinate

Fully vaccinated people can shed their masks, except on public transportation, according to the CDC and presented by Center for Disease Control director Rochelle Walensky.

Thus, if I see a person without a mask I should assume that they are fully vaccinated. They may not be vaccinated and/or may be carriers of COVID and not know it. Or some may have a mild case of the virus and think it’s a cold or allergies.

Individual states, however, can override the federal position on wearing masks – when and where.

My husband wore a mask at work and on the bus and he got COVID – a bad case of COVID. Organ altering COVID. Then I got it from him a week later, never having left the house.

Still, we’re both going to continue wearing masks and social distancing. We’re not out of COVID HELL yet.

A lot of people wear the mask but don’t cover their mouths or noses. How stupid and ignorant and selfish and destructive and aggressive is that? Protect your chin why don’t you. What’s wrong with your chin that you need to cover it with a surgical mask? I’d like to get my hands on the person who was all of those things at once, who walks the earth free – and give him a case of COVID he’ll never forget.

Attempted murder is what I call it – just blowing off some steam here, so disregard some of it.

It’s not safe being White these days – not in Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve seen a few people darken their skin and change their hair not to look White. I’ve also seen a few black people darken their skin to look more Black. I wonder what that means when black people do it?

COVID appears to have activated my revenge gene. Wow. I knew what I was missing and was thankful for it, but I didn’t know what I was missing out on. Now I’m like everybody else.

Some people call it blending in.

To get back to the mask position by the CDC:

Some people will stop wearing the mask to blend in, when they shouldn’t.

Just as people were shamed for not wearing a mask, now people will be shamed or ridiculed for wearing one. The Brits did a lot of that shaming and ridiculing, no matter what people were doing. It’s just their way. They can’t help themselves. I hear a lot of that regarding all groups, except the white group that everybody with a gripe about anything loves to hate and even is encouraged to do so, even by other white people.

My long term COVID is taking my breath away as I type, so I have to take a break. My stamina level dropped significantly since becoming infected with THE VIRUS.

Oh, I had that interview I was talking about with THE VIRUS. Yeah, after my second vaccination. First half. May not be a second half. Nothing interesting to me. Maybe I’ll post it just for laughs and to confirm my insanity or brain injury, or maybe not. Sometimes I think THE VIRUS benefitted my brain. I’m leaning strongly toward the benefit actually. The mind doesn’t have much to do with it, since it’s basically an abstract of what’s happening in the brain and what alters what’s happening to it.

What alters the brain has been my focus throughout, even though I haven’t written about it. I don’t write about everything I study or that goes on in my life. And I don’t join the chorus just because somebody hiding behind a curtain wants me to.

Later Gators,

Keep your faith in yourself,



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