Yes That’s Right; you heard it here first

I put my family before your family. That’s part of human nature that the black Africans and the white British writers want to deny all white peoples.

They want white people to treat black people like family, when black people don’t reciprocate.

I don’t consider likeminded or same colored or same ethnicity peoples my family.

Everybody wants to turn you into family. Even banks reach out to you on the family level. We care. We want to keep you safe. Yeah right with money made by investing your savings then loaned back to you at high interest rates.

The same goes for love. Everybody wants everybody to love everybody else. We love you. We love you – as you stab the ones you say you love in the back.

Stop telling the world they have to love black people unless you’re going to tell the world to love white people. In fact, don’t demand it or suggest it or do anything with it. It’s not your business who loves whom.

Telling people who they can love and hate is discrimination.

Strangely, the only ones they don’t tell you to love are your own family. That’s where love begins, yet the social engineers force feed you other people’s families to love. What’s even up with that? Oh, I get it, so you’ll love strangers more than family. That’s twisted.

Social engineers are all over social media and tabloid news telling people who to love and hate. Don’t tell me to love black people. I don’t love all white people, why would I love all black people? In fact, I don’t love groups unless my family is considered one. It’s stupid and ignorant and thoughtless and prejudicial.

Social engineers are running and ruining this world trying to control people’s emotions. Let people control their own; again it’s not your business nor place. It’s not for the better good; it’s sinister at every juncture.

Maybe the world should go after, jump on, beat up and hate social engineers. Afraid to show your faces? What are you going to do, blow something or somebody up because nobody’s lovin’ the people you want loved to fit into your grand plan of how society should work and operate? So you want to become the evolver, the one who forces evolution through hate and shaming?

It sounds too much like forced marriage, somebody forcing you to love people they don’t even know.

Better be careful with those Hitleresque plans to control how people think, feel and act. It isn’t a kind maneuver; it’s manipulative and discriminatory.

How are you coming along on shutting down those slaughterhouses? Now that’s something to socially engineer – when death is the result of feigned love. We love our animals so-o much that we send them to slaughterhouses to be all trussed up just for you – blood, guts and bones. That’s what imposed love does that isn’t real love; that’s where it ends up – confusion, chaos, war.

You love the cow before you slaughter it, while you’re slaughtering it and after you slaughter it – in fact you even eat it, that’s how much you love it.

That’s what social engineering does with love. McDonald’s Lovin’ it! Borden’s Live Life Through Milk Colored Glasses! Prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter the animal you love for their milk, eggs, flesh and blood – that’s love to social engineers.

There’s nothing loving or even caring about those social plans. You’ll let evolution take it’s course? But not with black people and any other people whom you want to control. But how? By telling them to love animals enough to torture, kill and eat them?

Sounds like hate to me.

Enslaving, torturing and slaughtering an animal is a hate crime punishable by prison time.

Eating an animal is a hate crime, not a love gesture.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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